4 Marketing Tips to Find Voice Actors on Social Media

Voice actors are valuable assets to any production, whether it be audio drama or another form of audio entertainment, especially if you run a video production company or provide marketing services in the form of video content. The need for voice actors is even greater. That’s because the voice actor is not only responsible for creating a believable character but must also provide an audio landscape that serves to immerse the listener into the world of your story.

Voice actors are always in demand by content creators and businesses, especially on social media venues like YouTube and Facebook. Great voice actors can help brands attract customers, convince them to buy your products, or take simple action like subscribing to your channel. Having a professional-level voice actor has become crucial for businesses as they can act as an excellent connector with your audience.

While you can always go to voice actors hiring portals or companies offering voice talents, social media is another way to find experienced candidates. This article will help you use social media platforms to filter and select voice talent easily.

Benefits of Using Social Media to Attract Talents

Social media has become an important medium for brands to leverage their marketing strategy, whether to promote a business or launch a new product. You can create a great persona for your brand on social media while also generating customers. However, social media can also help you find the right candidates and ensure you make the proper employee training videos later on to retain them in your business longer. 

Following are some benefits you can get when searching for voice actors on social media.

Save money for your production

Using social media to find voice talents can save money for the production since it is free and direct communication with the talent.

More chances of employing talented individuals

Social media allows big and small business organizations to explore people with various talents, skills, and interests. Hence, there are more chances of finding the right voice actors for your project on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud, etc. Of course, you can cast actors offline, or even find a local college student as this job is a highly-rated online job for them, but if they’re active users of these platforms, it’s easier to contact them.

More opportunities for talent discovery

Social media also allows businesses to discover talented individuals who might not know their voices are perfect for certain projects. Maybe they have no experience in this area, but using their natural talent can prove fruitful for both parties involved in this business deal. Music company executives discovered many new singers through social media, so don’t miss out on your chance of finding the best talent.

4 Tips to Use Social Media to Find Voice Actors

1. Create a profile and post your work

Before approaching someone and offering them an opportunity, you need to build a convincing and trustworthy persona on social media. Only after posting your projects on YouTube or SoundCloud can you make friends with the artists interested in this field. The profiles should be well designed and contain all information regarding your company, including links to official accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

2. Be responsive on social media

Even if someone is not a professional actor, they might have a good voice suitable for some type of work. Improve your chances of finding them by being as responsive as possible on various platforms so that those people will notice you more easily through their feed.

It can take some time until anyone decides to contact you because they usually don’t know how to contact employers. Therefore, you need to show patience and try another approach in convincing them to join your company.

3. Connect with them through email or direct message

Try connecting with voice talent through email or direct messages if you don’t succeed with the first two tactics. People on social media are open to receiving messages from new contacts as long as they show interest and care about their lives. 

You can mention that you would like to use their voice for your project and provide some more information. If potential talents respond positively, ask them whether they want to read a script first or if they’re fine with auditioning first before going further into negotiations.

4. Approach talent agencies

Another way of finding voice actors is by approaching talent agencies that have a pool of various professionals who might be suitable for your job, depending on what exactly needs to be done. Some of these organizations only take care of big names, so you won’t spend so much time finding candidates on social media. Some agencies are more “open,” allowing new talent to join them, so you can choose the one that fits your project.


Social media platforms are beneficial for businesses in many ways. One of them is to find voice actors. Businesses can go through various social media platforms in order to find the specific voice actor for their project. 

In order to attract voice talents, make sure that you’ve set up a great social media profile to convince them that you’re trustworthy. Try connecting with voice actors by joining the community and responding to questions there. However, if you’re still unsure, you can always search for talent through voice actor agencies. 



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