Best Product Ideas for Holiday Dropshipping in 2021

The List of the Hottest Items to Sell During the Festive Season

The Christmas mood is rising with each day, evenings are getting cozier, and soon Santa is about to start ushering in presents. You know what this means for dropshipping – we are entering the busiest time for sales. Here you will find a list of the hottest items to cash in on during Christmas.

Regardless of whether you are new to having a dropshipping store or are a veteran of the field, the time is right to pump up your game. Christmas is known to be the hottest time of the year for everyone doing eCommerce. If you’ve had an inkling to get started in the space, you can be sure that it is a phenomenal time to get in on dropshipping sales. As the festive days are approaching fast, you have to be quick with your launch, but it does not take much longer than a few days if you are efficient. If you are familiar with eCommerce, you will know that it is all about finding the right products this holiday season. Dropshipping during Christmas can be incredibly exciting. The rush of sales coming in can only compare with a good round of casino på nätet. Making money online is fun and a truly thrilling experience when it works out. For your dropshipping business to thrive, you have to market it well. However, that is just one side of the coin. The other side is excellent products that essentially sell themselves. We made an effort to search the web for the hottest Christmas products, and we made a list of them for your convenience.

Christmas Sales Data

Anecdotally, it may seem evident that Christmas is the biggest sales bonanza of the year. Seeing the numbers may give you some more grounded confidence that it is worth pursuing your dropshipping ideas. In 2020, US shoppers spent almost $790 billion. Across the pond, UK shoppers spent a total of £24.2 billion. These are good round sums of money, and you could get a chip of them if you play your cards right. Online retailers have a grand advantage this year. Why so? Because the pandemic is still happening. Due to the global lockdown, people are most likely to do their Christmas shopping on the internet. One has to consider that we are close to the holidays, that is why fast and reliable shipping is of the essence. Choosing excellent and reliable dropshipping suppliers is half the battle when it comes to making big sales without refunds during this holiday season.


The Hottest Dropshipping Products for Christmas 2021

Christmas Home Decorations and Ornaments

The overall best items to sell are ornaments and various home décor. People are stuck at home, and the festive season is an opportunity to escape the routine of a household by decorating it abundantly. That is a great opportunity to make money. The one issue is that there are so many Christmas decorations to choose from. What is in your favor is that there are people with a wide variety of tastes, and therefore it is possible to find buyers for very different types of items. However, you surely want something in your store that is eye-catching, has a cuteness factor and promotes impulse purchases.


Christmas Tree Ornaments

A beautiful Christmas tree is a tradition that many people enjoy and look forward to every year. Last year around 33 million Christmas trees got sold during last year’s holiday season. While traditional ornaments are fine things to sell, try to look for something unique. Search for items that stand out and appear like one can’t find them easily in regular stores. You can find great suppliers and an extensive list of Christmas tree ornament choices on AliExpress.


LED Christmas Lights

Christmas lights can be the it-factor when it comes to creating a cozy home atmosphere. They have a massively universal appeal. After all, who doesn’t like some pretty LED lights? They are not just good for decorating the Christmas tree but can also be great additions to a home’s indoor spaces, as well as outdoor spaces. Aliexpress and Taobao have a stunning selection to choose from for your store. LED lights are cheap to source and can be sold for a phenomenal profit. On top of that, you can find many variations of colors and forms to suit a wide variety of tastes.


Christmas Toy Ornaments

Toys will never go out of style. Christmas-themed ones can be amazing for both decorations as well as for gifts. After doing a quick search on Google Trends, we can say that Christmas-themed Lego toys were in fashion last year. You could try to capitalize on that trend and see how it does in 2021. Alternatively, there are excellent Santa Claus dolls, reindeer, and other cute toys to be found on AliExpress.


Christmas Accessories and Clothing

Christmas accessories, especially clothing, are super popular during the holiday season. It is a must-have category for dropshipping on the holidays. Themed clothes can be a fun way to express oneself when celebrating with the family. Also, Christmas sweaters make for fantastic gifts. If regular sweaters seem too cliché to sell, try selling fun sweaters with joke slogans. A little tongue-in-cheek humor can go a long way to stand out and work towards creating your dropshipping niche.


Christmas Pajamas

It is worth remembering the fact that we find ourselves in the midst of a lockdown. Why is this important for selling stuff? Basically, that means people are likely to buy festive home-wear more than outwear. Pajamas are an excellent item choice to sell as they make the perfect outfit for enjoying a cozy festive season with the family. You will find heaps of variants for babies, kids, teens, couples, and even family collections on AliExpress. Cute deer outfits for kids are superb to market on social media platforms, so remember to push the cuteness factor in your dropshipping strategy with videos and pictures!


Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings are a traditional item to put gifts and sweets into. Naturally, that means it is something that will remain in demand every year. Include large Santa Claus stockings in your store for gifting purposes and other cute small ones for wearing.


Christmas Jewelry

Christmas jewelry is a category that is mainly applicable to young girls and women, and that is a big market. It is known that around 47.4% of all US women like to get jewelry gifted for Christmas. What better gift than something fitting the season? Whether it be rings, earrings, hairbands, necklaces, or something else, AliExpress has you covered with hundreds of options to include in your store.


Christmas Pet Accessories

Let us not forget the vast dropshipping niche that covers pet items. It is getting more and more popular to dress up one’s furry friend in outfits. It is practical during the cold season. Also, it is simply entertaining for aesthetic purposes. Christmas-themed pet outfits are an immense opportunity to capitalize on as cute outfits, and pets go together very well. Pet owners will love to dress their cats and puppies up with fun costumes, so make sure to include them in your store. A costume that is making waves now is the reindeer outfit. Santa’s Little Helper outfits are a great choice too.


Christmas Cooking Items

Christmas cooking items make perfect gifts for moms and grandmothers. They will also add a festive touch to your kitchen, making things more exciting and fun when Santa is about to come. Cooking items can include cookie cutters, kitchen aprons with prints, anti-hot gloves, tableware holder bags, and lots more. If you want to choose only one of those items, go for selling tableware holder bags, as we have found they are the most popular items on AliExpress.

We hope that you gained some inspiration for the festive season of dropshipping in 2021. Christmas-themed items appeal to a lot of people, so your chances of making a buck with these options are pretty high. If you are running short on time, try adding some new Year-themed items to the mix too. All in all, we wish you the best with your sales and with the coming year. We would also know what tips you have regarding eCommerce. What are some of the best dropshipping practices you have discovered over the years? Please leave your comments in the section below!


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