The Ultimate Marketing Guide For Insurance Agencies

Need to boost your sales? Well, aren’t we all? We have listed out all the things you can do to drive those numbers up. Check out marketing guide for insurance agencies like you and let’s start increaseing your sales, shall we?

Appearances Matter

If you want to have the best insurance agency, you’re going to want to create a name for your company that will brand you as experts in the industry. How do you do this? By choosing a name that will convey your company business your company will look more professional as well as more trustworthy and let’s face it, building trust is going to net you return clients who choose to do business with your insurance agency.

Let’s consider for a moment how first impressions make us feel about a business. Have you ever walked into a business that seemed like no one knew what was going on and the signage was either tattered, torn, outdated, or altogether missing? Did you feel like that was a business that you wanted to work with? Or did it give you second thoughts? Most people would want to reconsider where they were placing their trust if they walked into a place of business as mentioned above.

You want to present the best possible look for first-time clients. First impressions count. Put the right foot forward and everything else is going to flow naturally into place.


Give your business a logo. The logo that you select should remind clients of your business every time that they look at the logo. Take for example name brand grocery stores. If you see a grocery store that is a name brand chain, you know that logo every time that you look at it.

Your insurance agency should have that same eye-catching type of logo that will tell people “This is us” every time that they look at it. Now take that logo one step further and use it on your business cards, letterhead, ads, window stickers, bumper stickers and every other item that you may hand out as a promotional item for your business. This includes pens, notepads and more.

Consider wallet-sized cards that give the insured your number, emergency numbers and anything else that you may think is ideal to have on hand in an emergency. Make sure that these cards are sturdy enough to put into and remove from a wallet so that they’re not damaged.


Make sure that your website is mobile friendly. That way, if someone is at a car dealership and seeking to insure their car, they can check pricing on their mobile devices. Mobile devices pull websites up slightly differently than your home computer or laptop. By taking advantage of this knowledge, you can get a leading edge so that when users need information and are on the go, they can easily pull up your website and find what information they require.

Make sure it’s user-friendly. Ask friends and family to check it out after the websites are updated and be sure to market the site accordingly.


A happy client is going to naturally give you a great referral. But, why not give them some incentive such as a discount at a movie theater, a gift card or even a coffee mug. Everyone wants something for nothing and this is a fairly easy way to gain more clients through a referral.

It doesn’t have to be a lot, but if they do give referrals, make it something that will show them how much you appreciate their helping you to gain more customers.

Use Contact Forms On Your Website

Having a contact form on your website will help your potential customers to get their questions answered. Have a contact form where potential customers can ask questions and get personalized answers. Make this a soft sales call when you call or contact them with the answers to their questions.

In this fashion, you’re building trust (which goes back to our first recommendation) and you’re developing a friendship with them which even if you don’t get the sale today, may lead to a sale down the road when they are considering something new and want to get an insurance quote.

Get Some Great Reviews

Ask your customers to give you some reviews and positive feedback on your website and blog. Ask them to share their experience and if someone is dissatisfied, answer the issue right there online in the forums, websites, and blogs where everyone can see how your company went above and beyond to resolve an issue. Encourage customers to share their experiences.

A lot of people who are looking for an insurance agency are going to read over the reviews before they make their decision. This is a great way to go about marketing your insurance agency and it will go far to help you develop more business.

Social Media

Today, more than ever before, technology has surpassed the written forms of news media that were once heavily relied upon. So, take to social media and set up business pages on all social media. Interact with potential clients and share specials and coupons with potential customers.

Add share buttons on all of your blog posts, website pages and any other correspondence that isn’t personalized. Invite visitors to share this information on their social media pages and have a special gift or coupon for the 100th or 500th referrals or share in this fashion. Don’t forget to share your own ads on your own social media sights.

Target The Audience

Place ads in newcomers packets for local towns. Place ads in the paper where people shop for cars or homes. Use flyers near local businesses that may sell items that require insurance. Use postcards, leave business cards at local businesses.

By finding those who are going to need insurance, you’re literally leading potential customers right to your front door. It’s like laying the yellow brick road to your business and more people will find it without any effort.

Our marketing guide for insurance agencies like you, will literally drive business to your front door and you’ll have plenty of happy customers. Remember, first impressions matter so find someone who loves people to greet everyone who enters that front door.

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