Your Way To TikTok’s For You Page Starts Here

Like Instagram or Twitter’s ‘Discover Page’ where you can get featured and end up getting much higher reach and engagement rates, TikTok also has a Discover Page going by the name, ‘For You’ page.

Indeed, everyone’s looking to get famous on TikTok, trying every way possible to achieve this goal.
The most popular and efficient way to get a lot of engagement and reach on your content is by bringing it to feature on the For You page.

Over time, users have come up with different theories trying to crack the algorithm of how the For You page works once and for all, but nobody has been able to figure it out.
If you’re feeling confused regarding the For You page, like many other people, this article will try clarifying all the question marks about it.

What Is The For You Page?

The For You page has the utmost importance on the app because it is the main landing page when you open the TikTok app.
You can keep swiping down, and new videos will keep on appearing.
The ForYou page is the page that can get your content the highest amount of likes, views, and engagement rates because it’s the ‘face’ of the app; it’s the first page that any user sees when logging into the app.

Just like any other good mystery, nobody knows for sure how you can make your content appear on the ForYouPage, but we’ll look into some potential ways to help you achieve that.
One thing we know for sure, though, is that by getting a mass of followers supporting your TikTok profile, you boost your social media presence tremendously and bring it to sky-high levels.
Buy TikTok followers, see how sponsors reach out to initiate a campaign with you!

Upload Content Regularly; Don’t Neglect Your Fans!

First and foremost, whether you’re new to the app or you’re already a TikTok veteran, uploading content regularly should be the mantra according to which you’re working.
We’re well-aware that in the beginning, it’s much more exciting and natural to upload new content every day, but the real test begins when you already know the drill, ‘lived’ it for a while.
and now comes the struggle of creating great content without ease.

In such a thriving atmosphere as TikTok, the saying, ‘only the strong survive’ is an absolute truth.
If we don’t keep our eyes on the prize, coming up with the most initiative content ideas, we’ll lose our audience.
The social media audience is harsh and unsentimental, and TikTok’s users are no exception.

Using Hashtags

Any TikTok expert will tell you that Hashtags have a great impact on determining your content’s success.
Hence, people use hashtags frequently to promote their content and to increase their content’s reach.

To optimize your hashtags’ use, we recommend researching the most trending hashtags in your niche to find which ones perform better with your content.
If you’re not following the most leading accounts in your niche yet, this is another recommended step to take.
Following influencers is a solid source of inspiration in case you’re running out of ideas.
Moreover, these influencers are potential users to collaborate with and grow both sides’ profiles together!

Create Uncompromising And High-Quality Content

Many people believe that the number of people watching your videos from start to end affects whether your content will appear on the For You page or not.
Therefore, your content’s creativity is the most significant determinant of your video to hit the For You page.
The first 2 seconds of every video are most crucial in convincing anyone watching it to keep up until the end rather than browse their feed instead.

Make sure to use your big guns already at the beginning of the video.
Inserting text overlays in your video to provide smooth transitions is another strategy to make it more engaging and fun.
As long as your content is highly engaging and creative, even 10 people watching these videos from start to finish will start the snowball effect going, and TikTok’s algorithm will automatically recommend it to 100 other users.
This way, the content benefits from the algorithm’s organic promotion boost until it appears on the For You page.

Follow The Trends

One other common theory is that people should constantly follow occurring trends to increase their chances of getting a For You page appearance.
This method is also called Trend Surfing.
What users are expected to do is following the latest trends and make content related to that.
For example, short dance videos are always trending on TikTok.
If you haven’t tried one of those, now’s the perfect time!


It’s important to remember that all the methods mentioned above to promote your content are mere theories; they could work for your best friend but not yield the desired results for you, or vice-versa.
In short, the mandatory starting point for every TikToker who wants to go viral isis creating new engaging and creative content.

10 Interesting Tips and Hacks for TikTok Marketing Worth Knowing

Before we talk about TikTok marketing tips and hacks, let’s take a short look at how the app works and why TikTok is great for marketing. 

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, and it has 800 million active users worldwide. It is completely based on short form videos with a time limit of 15 to 60 seconds. 

Most business people consider TikTok is only for a younger user base. In fact, TikTok is now reaching a huge number of people across the world. According to the data, 38% of TikTok users are nearly an age 30 and above. 

If you are a business looking to increase potential growth and user count, you can use these 10 tips and hacks for your brand. It can help to enhance your marketing to a higher level!

Now, we are entering into our main topic!

1. Switch Over TikTok Business Account 

Before starting any marketing strategy, you should switch over your personal account into a business account. As well as on TikTok, switching business accounts is essential to enhance your marketing growth. 

To switch over TikTok business account, 

  • Go to the TikTok app and click the “Me” icon at the bottom screen. 
  • Tap three horizontal dots on the top of the Me page. 
  • Click manage my account->switch to pro account->business account.

Then choose the category that fits your business, which helps to receive valuable content. With a TikTok pro account, you can use TikTok advertising features and access your account metrics. It provides the stats about your audience and the overall performance of your videos and TikTok profile. 

2. Be Unique To Build Your Brand 

TikTok is one of the most popular social networks in the last few years. It is more popular for fun and creative content, so you can easily build your community with your unique content style. 

When you want to succeed on TikTok, you have to be unique and authentic! Think about the fun, creative, and entertaining element of your brand and follow the way to express your brand through TikTok content. 

Spending some time on TikTok is one of the best ways to build your TikTok community. You can find more videos to see how people are using this platform and find the right time to promote your content among a wider audience. 

3. Share Engaging Contents And Provide Value 

There are several types of content ideas you can create on TikTok. But if you’re looking for specific ideas, providing educational content or telling a story is a great way. 

According to the data, the most successful TikTok accounts show people how to use their products and services. For Instance, travel, fashion, and food brands promote their content through TikTok tutorials. 

As for sharing engaging content, this is an effective way to build trust with your audience!

4. Use Trending Hashtags 

Hashtags are an excellent way to run successful marketing campaigns and reach your brand across the world. If you want to constantly increase your engagement rate, adding a trending hashtag is essential. Because hashtags help for your social media reach and build a social presence. 

Here are some benefits of using the branded hashtag: 

  • To track competitors
  • To identify the reach of your content
  • To get more followers

For marketers, you can show your videos relevant to your campaign if you focus on relevant and trending hashtags.

5. Create User Generated Content 

User generated content is the basis of TikTok’s growth and success! UGC content helps to drive better engagement than brand generated content, which can help to increase brand awareness. 

UGC can be defined as content created by customers, partners, influencers, and other business people. It serves as excellent social proof and brings your brand’s promises into perspective. 

If you’re not a creator but run a business or brand, you can share videos using your products or services. It is one of the best ways to encourage your community without needing to push sales content. 

6. Create The Beginning Attention 

TikTok is undoubtedly growing right now, and most brands use TikTok to increase their posts’ engagement. There are tons of videos posted by users every day, so it is hard to get attention from your audience. 

If you convey your brand message from the first few seconds in your content, you can maximize more TikTok video likes to grab audience attention. A video with more engagement will increase your brand awareness, drive traffic and get more followers within a short time. 

So, it is important to make your TikTok video that grabs attention from the beginning. When you spend more time on TikTok, you will start to notice trends and get more ideas to inspire your audience. 

7. Make Your Videos Short And Simple

If you want your audience to watch your videos, again and again, you just need to create your videos short and simple. It is one of the effective ways to go viral on TikTok and achieve big reach quickly. 

On TikTok, you can share up to 1-minute videos, but the short form videos are more popular on TikTok. So, you can share 7 to 10 minute videos to get more reach on TikTok. Because most people love to watch short videos and it is becoming popular on TikTok. 

But all of your videos need to provide fabulous and worthy information!

 8. Cross Promote Your TikTok Videos

Currently, most people upload their TikTok content on other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is a good strategy to drive awareness of your TikTok account and increase your followers count. 

For Instance, 

If you have a business profile on Instagram with more audience than TikTok. So, you can share your TikTok videos to your Instagram profile, and then you will get a chance to show your videos to your Instagram audience. 

If they love to watch your videos, they will track your TikTok account and see more of your videos and follow back you on TikTok. 

 9. Partner With Perfect Influencers

Similar to other social platforms, TikTok influencer marketing plays an important role. Working with influencers or creators is a relatively low investment and low risk for brands into the TikTok platform. 

Are you looking for a way to reach a wider audience in a faster way, you have the option to collaborate with influencers. Nowadays, most people are likely to purchase products and services based on what they see from their influencers. 

But, finding the right influencers is important for your brand exposure. Therefore, find their posts and followers’ activity then you can make your decision.  

 10. Take Advantage Of TikTok Ads

TikTok provides an amazing and formal advertising system! It is suitable for your brand, product, and services that will drive awareness. Here are some TikTok advertising types: 

  • Infeed Native Ads – It is a full screen ad, and it is similar to Instagram stories ads. These ads help to add your website links and order buttons within the ad. 
  • Brand Takeover Ad – It is the purest form of TikTok ad because it allows only one brand takeover per day. You can add multiple images, short videos, and gifs to this ad. 
  • Hashtag Challenge Ads – These ads will directly take the users to the page of challenge rules and instructions. The ads reach can be calculated by the insights of banner views, user generated content, and engagement rate. 

Conclusion : 

TikTok is undoubtedly a perfect social media and brand promotion platform across the world. If you run a small business and want to promote your brand, you can use these 10 tips and hacks for your TikTok marketing. It can help you to succeed on TikTok within a short span!

Thanks for reading this article!

Author Bio

Alison Williams is a social media content writer who works at Flatfitty, she is an experienced social media analyst, and her passion is to contribute to engaging content for authority blogs and websites. You can also visit her online at!

Using Instagram For Business In 2021 – A Complete Guide (For Marketers)

Short Introduction on Instagram:

Instagram has more than one billion active users per month and posted more than 500 million Instagram stories. Instagram is the second accessed platform after Facebook. Approximately an individual user spends 53 minutes per day. Also, more than 25 million business profiles are there. 

Based on the 2020 report, 90% of Instagrammers followed at least one business. 83% of Instagram users have discovered a new product or service on Instagram. 

According to the survey, Instagram can help to enhance your business and reach out to your target audience. Instagram offers you to promote your brand, product, and services in a friendly way without aggressive selling to your customers.

Ready to learn everything about Instagram marketing tactics? Let’s move! 

1. How To Create an Instagram Account for Business? 

The essential note about Instagram is the design of the content. If you want to shine among your audience, your post should attract them, and you need to post regularly. 

To start downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play store based on specific mobile users. You can’t upload any content from the desktop, but you can view all the content via desktop. 

After you have downloaded the app, you can enter the details such as Name, Business Name(the viewers should easily recognize it), upload your profile photo, and set the username (it’s displayed on the screen). 

Note: The business name & user name should be unique to your profile, then only users can easily find your Instagram account. 

2. Optimizing Your Instagram Account:

Step 1: Set Profile Picture

After entering the account, you can set your profile picture of your business account. The picture should be relevant to your business and unique. Your profile picture creates the best impressions when your viewers view them. Or else, you can use the brand logo on your profile. 

When you’re going to set the profile, it automatically crops around the circle. 

Step 2: Add Instagram Bio

Instagram allows 150 characters maximum in your profile below. So, directly tell them to viewers who you’re and what’s your brand about. Without hiding, explain the brand to all the target audience. 

Note: Instagram bio isn’t searchable, so you don’t need to add the hashtags or keywords. But you can place your website URL in your bio, which increases your website traffic. 

Step 3: Managing Your Instagram Settings

Tap the three stacked lines that display on the upper right-hand side of your Instagram profile. Then click settings, which appear at the bottom of the screen. Now you can see more options, and if you want to change, you can do such as change password, see all posts which you have liked, enable notification, etc. You should check the below things right away:

  • Story Settings: Tap Instagram settings -> Story to access your controls. You can give access now by clicking the icon which appears on your right side. We recommend that you will get Instagram story views from non-followers, which help to improve brand engagement.
  • Switch to a Professional Account: Instagram allows you to do business and reach out to more audiences. Instagram’s Business Tools offers to make it easy for Instagrammers to contact you and provides you with in-depth insights. 

Go to settings -> Click account -> Tap Switch to Professional Account to change to access these features. 

  • Comments: Instagram gives an excellent option for you and your brand that hides options. After posting your brand images or videos, you will get positive & negative comments from the viewers. In case you feel those comments are against brand values or offend your audience, you can hide all the comments. 

From your settings, Tap Privacy > Hide Comments to update

3. Types of Instagram Posts:

Once you have optimized your Instagram profile, you can now start to post awesome content. 

Let’s discuss the different Instagram post types that will suit to enhance your brand. 

  • Images:

The ultra common post on Instagram is posting images. You can share a variety of posts about your brand. If you post photos in different ways, it helps to engage your followers as well. 

Try to shoot lifestyle shots and behind-the-scenes for brand advertisements. For instance, Nike is one of the popular Instagram brands that contains concerts, real athletes, and other types of content that promote your brand personality. 

  • Behind-the-Scene Posts: 

These posts explain a part of the business to viewers who didn’t see the post usually. Authenticity is the key to success! Hence, every post should be important and attractive. For example, Aeronaut brewing is one of the US companies that provide their company culture and the working process by marketing its employees at work.

  • Influencer Posts

Collaborating with Influencers has an excellent strategy to improve your business and quickly reach out to your business among the target audience. Who’s an Influencer on Instagram? A celebrity or famous public figure is an influencer who can promote your brand. One of the excellent benefits of influencer posts is impressing the attention of the audience. 

For example, Goal zero works with the photographer and rock climber Alex Honnold using one of its solar power charging stations. Goal zero has reached several audiences, and also Alex gained five lakhs followers to their Instagram. 

  • Motivational Posts

Making motivational quotes for your brand will change your audience’s mind. Also, it helps you to engage with viewers and stimulate curiosity about your brand. Finally, your posts amplify your brand on Instagram with a loyal audience. If you want to add text and photos, you can use related apps such as Quipio, Typic, etc., that create consistent brand guidelines.

For instance, is the famous online shopping website in the world. They shared the product motivational quotes when clicking the brands via phone. So, the audience mindset is good about that product. 

4. Instagram Marketing Strategy:

Instagram is a unique platform compared to all social media websites. Everyone can build a business using image posts and video posts. But, you should know what type of strategy you will use in Instagram marketing. 

Here, we will talk about 5 Instagram marketing strategies that you can apply:

1. Get a Clear Idea About Instagram Goals:

Before you do anything on Instagram, you have to set your goals about Instagram marketing. When you have raised the question to common users, “Why are you on Instagram?” they replied, “everyone else there, so I am there.” It might be suited for ordinary people, but as a marketer, it didn’t set! If you want to be successful on the Instagram platform, you must have clear goals and purpose to justify your energy, time, and monetary investment.

Instagram allows you to do any type of content such as product images, user-generated content(UGC), etc. After posting every video, you can measure your performance using Instagram Analytics tools. 

2. Post Your Instagram Content Regularly:

Adding a picture or videos to your Instagram profile once a month, it’s not an efficient strategy to increase your brand to the world. Even the profile wouldn’t call that an active profile. If you want to make your brand fresh and reach the audience, you can regularly post images or videos. In this case, you can make more followers to your account.  

We would recommend that you post 2-3 posts per day, but those content should be related to your brand. If you share a lot of content each day, it’s the best way to share your Instagram story. According to the research, the top brands are posting content 1.5 times per day. Approximately, it comes 10 to 11 posts per week! 

3. Find Your Target Audience On Instagram:

Determine your target audience you want to reach before you start marketing on Instagram. If you have any marketing strategies, you choose the right people to keep your efforts consistent. Remember that you should consider factors such as location, age, gender, interests, income, motivations, and pain points.

You don’t know where to start? Check out the popular events and famous hashtags that are related to your business. And see your competitors who’re using and engaging with hashtags and check their brand profile. After viewing the competitor’s account, you know who’s your niche. Instagram is a great place to make it easy and define your audience.

4. Increase Your Instagram Followers:

Increasing your followers to your account takes time & energy! But if you want to quick followers to your account, you have to focus on some strategies. 

  • Your Instagram username must be searchable and recognizable.
  • Fill out the bio section (don’t use keywords)
  • Add logo & profile icon (the set brand icon is good)
  • Include high-quality posts ( When user see your profile looks empty, viewers get disappointed)
  • Start follow related accounts to your business
  • Adding your website link in the bio helps to know more details about the product. 

5. Convert the Instagram followers to customers:

As a marketer, the common goal is to increase the reverence of their products. So, what are the steps you will do to convert the followers to customers? 

  • Promotions 
  • Run contest
  • Release Product Teasers 
  • Live launches
  • Do a video about product specifications. 

Wrapping Up:

Instagram is a fast-growing platform at such a rapid rate, and it creates sense to use the platform as a standard method of driving sales. As you have seen the list, Instagram has great features that offers marketers to sell and buy items directly through its platform.

Author Bio

Caterina Taylor is an experienced social media marketer and writer who works at She loves to work on content creation for social media blogs and has the potential to deliver engaging content on various platforms and networks.

5 Tools for Technical Writing that are helpful in Digital Marketing

One of the reasons why digital marketing is trending is the ease to know the brand or their products by the customers.

This is possible because of the opportunities that content marketers get in digital marketing. The technical writing in this marketing helps to make customers understand the product or service.

The biggest of technical writing includes the conversion of complex concepts into simple and understandable concepts that can help the users to know the product better.

The communication with the technical writing helps the brand to engage better with the users that are willing for their products and this way, the trust of the customers also increases.

If you don’t know about technical writing in digital marketing or the way of writing, then this article is for you. Reading this will benefit your marketing efforts especially from the aspect of the content.

What is Technical Writing and how it benefits Digital Marketing?

In simple words, technical writing is the concept of writing about a specific product or technology where it is usually used to explain the overview and usage of a technical object.

For example, a guide to using software which is also known as a manual is considered to be technical writing because it includes all the steps and overview of using the specific software.

However, technical writing is usually used for guiding the non-familiar person to use the specific software. Technical writing is popular because of the way it is written and you should know that technical writing means technical communication.

For conveying complex concepts into simple language, technical writing is considered to be a part of a digital marketing strategy.

Below, we have listed some of the benefits of technical writing to digital marketing:

  • Digital advertising is common for attracting a new audience over electronic platforms and this writing provides clear communication for the users. This way, the engagement level increases between the new audience and the brand.
  • Technical writers consider the audience when writing and this way, the content is written according to the users.
  • This writing provides efficiency to the brand like more users will understand and take interest in your products.
  • It is cost-effective as you get more outcomes because of the interesting content that users get.
  • Users don’t need to get the services of a professional or concerned person for the product instead the technical writing can help them.

Writing this type of content is not much difficult in today’s digital world because there are multiple tools for writing the same.

Below are some of the tools that can help you to write better technical writing that would increase the Return-on-investment for your digital marketing efforts:

1.   Grammar and Spell-checker

The grammar is one of the important elements in the accuracy of the content. Usually, it happens that the content writers make mistakes when writing the content for technical products.

This can create some problems like raising misunderstanding to the customers and operating the product in the wrong way.

Making some major mistakes in the documentation of the product can cause a decrement in the brand reputation and this regard, you should consider making your content appropriate.

There are various tools available on the internet that can help you to correct your grammatical mistakes as well as spelling mistakes.

Tools like Grammarly, wordai can are intelligent enough to correct most of your problems. These are available for free while it gives suggestions to improve the clarity, punctuation, and delivery of the sentence in your writing.

2.   Image Editor

In technical writing, this is obvious to add the images of the product or use the screenshot (in the case of a digital product). This increases the clarity of the writing and users can understand well.

However, an online image editing tool can help you in this regard for instant editing and then adding it into the writing.

These tools can help to resize the images, crop them, or any other editing that can help you in this regard. However, you should always consider making your images optimized for better results especially when posting on digital platforms.

3.   Online Text Editor

Sometimes when you are posting the content, you might want to improve the writing and for this, it’s quite difficult to open the document again on your computer and then upload.

Instead, you can use the online wordpad that can help you in editing your article instantly without closing the window and open Microsoft Word.

An online text editor is usually free to use while it offers the same features as provided by the other famous word processors.

Through instant editing, it’s easier for the technical writers to modify and publish quickly. Whether you want to edit the text, add headings, insert links, or images, the online word pad is very helpful.

4.   Screenshot Tools

When you are selling digital products like software or web tool then you need to make technical writing that has some real examples.

For example, you are telling the way to register on a website but until you include the screenshots of the real interface, the clarity of the sentences wouldn’t be improved.

In this regard, you should take a screenshot with the screenshot tools and add the image to your writing.

There are multiple free tools for taking the screenshot like a light shot but the Window itself has an option for taking screenshot which is known as the “Windows Snipping tool”.

5.   Video Editing Tool

Along with the images, videos are another important element in digital marketing which also increases understanding of the customers when reading a technical guide.

Video editing is usually beneficial for making your video directly to the topic. For example, if you make a video about operating a machine then it would be much better to make a video.

However, if you make a video then it might get lengthier to an hour which is usually unwatchable for most of the users.

You should edit your video to make it shorten and remove all the unnecessary elements in the video.

7 Powerful Instagram Tactics To Improve Your Online Business

It is a primary key for businesses to have a social media presence to hold. Without Instagram, your social media strategy would be incomplete. It has become the best platform for advertisers, brands, consumers alike. Instagram has 800 million monthly active users, and 500 million Instagram profiles are active daily. 

Here is another interesting factor for you: On Instagram, 70% of hashtags are branded. 

It defines, if you are not active on Instagram, then your competitors will easily overcome you. 

If you already have an account setup, then you are on the right track. But just having an Instagram account does not increase your sales. So if you want to increase your sales and want money from Instagram, you need to come up with a feasible strategy. 

This post will guide you on the right path with seven ultimate strategies you can apply to your Instagram marketing today. 

Let’s begin

1. Increase Your Following

Growing your follower base is the first important thing when it comes to Instagram’s marketing strategy. You will struggle to get your post seen if you have a very less number of followers. It is not easy to increase your sales without followers. If you just created your Instagram profile, it can be frightening to start with number zero. But if you are a brand, you can get many chances to grow your Instagram account because brands are the best place to start looking for followers. 

More than 73% of users follow brands because they are interested in the product or service offered by those brands. If your existing followers are also interested in your brand, tell them about your page and ask them to follow you. 

Another great way to get more followers is by following other people. Find followers related to your target audience. It is the best strategy when it comes to driving sales and generating new leads. Once you have tons of followers, it is very easy to drive more sales. 

Pro tip: Don’t follow random users. 

2. Post Content Regularly 

It is not an effective strategy if you post a picture or video only once a month or randomly. It wouldn’t even call it an active profile. Always you have to maintain your brand as fresh in the follower’s mind. At the same time, you don’t want to deluge users’ feeds and be considered annoying. It would be best if you found a balance here. 

Posting more than one time per day is recommended. If you want to share a lot of content each day, better add it to your Instagram story. Many top brands post an average of 1.5 times per each day. It comes about 10 or 11 post power week. So you need to recognize and plan this timing and post according to that.

3. Don’t be too salesy 

Obviously, you want to get more sales. But it doesn’t mean that everything you post should be in the type of product promotion. They all annoy your followers and end up having the opposite effect. So always mix up your content like posting funny content, posting pictures of your employees, etc., related to your brand. 

Research says, 46% of users unfollow the profiles because they post promotions too habitually. So always do your post promotions casually. Keep it short and to the point. 

4. Go Live 

One of the best features of Instagram is Live videos. Users love it, and many brands are using this feature as an advantage. Using this live video, you can connect with your audience in real-time. They can comment on your videos while you are broadcasting. Make sure that you are responding to their comments and try your best to acknowledge those users. You can also try to get featured on live videos of other profiles to promote your brand. They result in increasing followers, give you more new audiences, and drive more sales for you. 

5. Make use of Stories 

Stories are a great place to add daily content. In a story, you can post your content multiple times per day. It won’t deluge your followers’ news feed. But it doesn’t mean you can post overboard, post different pictures and videos every day. People won’t look at each one, so it is a waste of your resource and time. Stories will disappear after 24 hours, so make sure your timings of the post in the story are relevant. You can also make stories to discount offers, run contests, etc. Product videos serve as excellent content to upload to Stories. People who have started a new venture can upload product videos to capture Instagram story views in large numbers thus improving overall engagement. If you want your product to reach many audiences, expanding story views is the best strategy to follow. So try to create more content to engage your audience. It will make it easier for you to reveal your brand to a wider audience. 

6. Partner with Influencers 

One of the extremely efficient tactics is using influencers to promote your product, brands, and services. 94% of marketers say that one of the most effective strategies for their company is partnering with influencers. It is because the followers of social influencers will trust them. 

Most people are likely to follow micro influencers’ recommendation and believe these influencers are more knowledgeable. Getting influencers to promote your brand will get you more sales. 

Across the globe, Instagram is the primary social media platform for influencers. So choose the right influencer for your brand and drive more sales. 

7.Use Shoppable Post 

You need to take advantage of shoppable posts if you have an e-commerce brand. Using this, you can directly sell your products through Instagram. It increases the chance of getting your customer to buy something. To purchase your products, you rely on consumers’ navigation to your website. It is much easier than searching manually for the product on a web browser. These posts increase the conversion lot. 


To sell products, you can depend only on website traffic. So take advantage of other distribution channels also. Since Instagram is growing rapidly, make use of this platform as a primary way to increase your sales. Instagram has all the features that allow brands and businesses to sell their products directly using this platform. All of these strategies will help you raise your Instagram presence and increase your sales. 

Author Bio: Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

11 Competent Ways To Use Twitter For Lead Generation

Do you use Twitter to increase your budding customers? Or, just pinning your Twitter followers?

Twitter is the most dominant and lucrative social media site, especially for business owners and marketers. Twitter holds 330 million active users, with 145 million daily active users, and roughly 500 million tweets were sent every day. Though, some people believe that Twitter’s popularity is low,  but many people are still fond of this app. It offers plenty of benefits like you can enter on Twitter to explore what’s happening in your surroundings, current news, information, and more. For business people, it’s best to provide satisfying customer services. And you connect with influencers and your followers.

Just look at Twitter statistics over the business. 

More than 66% of the running their business on Twitter 

Approximately 90% of people willing to purchase once they visit any brand or product on Twitter 

This shows that you can easily build your potential customer on Twitter. Let’s see some hacks which help to improve your lead generation. 

Optimize Your Twitter Bio

If you are new to Twitter for business, you have to create a separate account for your business. Once you opened a Twitter account for business, start to fill details in your Twitter bio. Remember, Twitter bio is the first stuff your audience will spot on your account. It must be impressive and eye-catching with informative info. Don’t think it’s just a 160 character, but still, it will create a significant impact.

An attractive bio is an important part of a Twitter marketing strategy which implies that you should take some effort to craft a perfect one to draw the attention of a large crowd of new people. Ensure that your bio includes the following:

  •  Place the links of your excellent and latest content 
  •  Provide the link of lead magnet and email newsletter 
  •  Add call-to-action to your desired landing page 
  • Include hashtags and keywords related to your business, brands 

For further tips, you can refer to the top person’s bio to get ideas from them.

Include Text To The Profile Image 

When people enter Twitter, the first thing they get caught is your profile picture, which is at the top. Now you will understand why it’s so important to include text under your profile image. Even if people don’t see your bio, ultimately, they will spot your profile picture. In that profile area, you can include your business slogans or tagline of your brand, product. You can point out any new addition of your product or services; you can advertise your venture via hashtags. You can add CTA for your promotion. Did you know? You can add links to your Twitter header image, but remember to make it catchy and easily memorable. 

Be Aware Of Whom You Are Interacting 

Suppose your motto or objective is to maximize your lead generation, then it’s significant to know your audience’s mindset and behaviors. If you know your target audience’s info like their interest, active time, then it’s effortless to interact or target them.

You can use Twitter analytics to find more about your audience. To get this, go to the profile page, choose the analytics option, and spot a summary of the activity of a particular month. When you scroll down, you will see the previous month’s summary.

You can use this link in the navigation bar to know your tweet impression and more details about your tweets.

The audience is the most dominant option for lead generation since you can receive general info about your Twitter analytics. Use a selector option to know about your Twitter users, followers count, and organic audience( they are not your followers) for your account. Use your Twitter analytics option wisely to gather details about your audience and account.

Create Engaging Tweets 

Your tweets should be short and concise; most people prefer short tweets to lengthy ones. Avoid posting, same kinds of tweets; experiment with all kinds of content for your tweet. You can try images, videos, polls, giveaways, which will bring more lead generation. Try to share less promotional content. Add emojis, hashtags, images in your tweets to gain more engagement. Don’t forget to post frequently in optimal timings.

Include Live Videos  

One of the fantastic strategies to reach your target audience on Twitter is through videos. By the research study, it shows that video gets three times more retweets than gifs and images. Video content is the trendsetters of all social media. More than 80% of people like to watch more live videos from the brand side. After creating and posting live videos, you must keep track of the amount of engagement your videos receive. There is no point in just posting a lot of videos and getting no engagement at all. Every video on Twitter must have a good number of views so that people who watch the video will suggest it to their friends and community. In such situations, you could get Twitter views to make your videos appear popular, so that it gets more views in the future. 

Make Use Of Hashtags 

You can use hashtags to bring your tweets in front of your target audience. The best plan is to find the famous and most used hashtags from your audience. Then use those hashtags in your content to get a lot of engagement. Twitter suggests trending hashtags from your surroundings. You can create your own hashtags, ensure it connects with your content or business. Include a limited number of hashtags.

Try Influencer Marketing

You can try influencer marketing to wider your reach and increase your sales rate. Influencers have instant power to gain massive exposure to your brand or business. You can use tools to find the best influencer for your account.

Engaged With Your Audience

Always attempt to engage with your followers in all possible ways. First, respond to their action towards your content. Reply to their questions, ask your audience for feedback or opinions. Create a strong bond with them, value their timings, and appreciate your loyal followers.

Twitter Chats 

Twitter chats are the discussion that takes place on Twitter about a particular topic. Through Twitter chat, you can meet a group of audiences in one area. Either you can run a Twitter chat or participate in it. Both effectively reach a new audience, where you can speak more about your brand or business.

Start Twitter Contest

Contest or giveaways is a fun way to gather your audience and to get connected with them. Depending on your business, you can run any of the games, but make sure it must be exciting.

Twitter Ads 

You can make use of Twitter ads to maximize your visibility and reach. Relying on your necessity, objectives, you can select your Twitter ads. Twitter ads offer many options, the selection you can pick any of them.


We hope that the above hacks will help to grow your lead generation effectively. Make sure you have built the right marketing strategies to proceed with your actions; don’t hesitate to change your marketing strategies. Be fast to adapt to any new trends or updates from Twitter. Always keep your eye on trending topics and hashtags to use them in your content.

Author Bio

Kaira Ralph works at Rousesocial as a social media strategist and a content writer. She contributes a lot of articles focusing on the latest social media trends to many blogs across the web. Her passions involve reading, painting, and traveling.

9 Best TikTok Video Editing Apps That Stun Your Followers

TikTok is a famous social media community that allows its users to create and spread short-term video content with a song, lip-syncing, and dance. 

How are they making fun of content? Though in-built video editing tools on TikTok are vital, sometimes, it needs more to bring your video contents to pop.

Here, we gathered points about video editing apps and the facts on TikTok’s in-built video editing tools. Are you ready to make better posts on TikTok? Let’s jump in.

In-Built Video Editing Tools On TikTok

It is basic, but it doesn’t mean that they are not perfect for growing the video content you make on TikTok.

Click the + symbol on the home screen to create new video content. Then, tap the record option. That’s it; it’s effortless to make videos on the platform. Click the sounds option at the screen top to add audio or song effects to your content. You can make use of effects or filters options and video content’s playback speed. After completing your content, you can attach voice-over, stickers, and text layers. It does not stop here.

You can also use the in-built video editing tools on the platform to trim video content or correct the soundtrack’s volume level. These editing tools will be sufficient for many TikTok users. 

Also, you have more video editing apps externally to make engaging video content . If you have edited video content to your liking, it is simple to upload it on the platform. After uploading, you can add a video description, making the option for your fans to create duets and enable reactions and comments. 

9 Best TikTok Video Editing Apps That Stun Your Followers

Yes, what are the best video editing apps to bring your content great? Below are the best ones, and it helps you choose the right video editing app to polish your video content.

App#1 ViaMaker

It is a new video editing app for TikTok from ByteDance. FileMaker is a free tool that helps you to make stunning video content. 

FileMaker crossed over 6,000 reviews in the Google play store in a short period. Though the app misses out the superb features such as a green screen, Bytedance brings out this video editing app on TikTok. 

Key features of ViaMaker

  • Advanced effects and filters.
  • Custom fonts and trending stickers.
  • Vast music library.
  • Massive magical effects.
  • Very simple to use features like changing speed, cut, and reverse.

App#2 Beirut

Beirut is a free tool designed for TikTok beginners and teens. You can magnify your video content on TikTok with rotating, cutting, transitions, cropping, filters, and more.

You can get your video content more stunning from a few clicks. It contains various aspect ratios such as widescreen(16:9), TaoBao(3:4), portrait(9:16), standard(4:3), and square(1:1).

Key features of Beirut

  • Various filters.
  • Customize the video duration.
  • More transitions that make you convert multiple pictures into a video.
  • Cut video content by frame; delete an unwanted portion.
  • Supports 480p,720p, 1080p video content exports.

App#3 Zoomerang

It’s a perfect choice for beginners. It contains step-by-step tutorials for every movement. It means you can get a popular video on TikTok and learn how to make those video content yourself. It includes multiple options like filters, music, effects, and more.

A subscription pack gives you ad-free viewing and access to additional video editing options and effects.

Key features of Zoomerang

  • Over 100 effects.
  • Step-by-step instructions.
  • The active account where they spread your video contents.

App#4 Quick

It’s also a free video editing app. You can select 23 styles of video and customize your content by attaching text, frames, emojis, which helps increase TikTok views in a short span. Even you can add effects such as fast-motion or slow-motion movement. 

It offers multi-language aid. It costs $2.99 per item on internal app purchase.

Key features of Quick

  • Share on multiple platforms.
  • Easy to record video and to edit.
  • Multiple language aid.
  • Simple interface.

App#5 InShot

It is a free high definition video maker and video editor with stunning features such as effects, music, cut/trim video, blur background, and many. Inshot is the perfect pick for video editing and making footage to spread on social media.

It doesn’t have a library of music; also, all the video content created with a free version has a watermark. It costs $0.99 to $29.99 per item on an internal app purchase.

Key features of InShot

  • Multiple video combining.
  • Video cutter, splitter, trimmer tools.
  • Video effects such as contrast, saturation, brightness, filters, etc.

App#6 Funimate

Funimate is one of the video editing apps of TikTok that provides various effects, allows users to select from multiple transitions, makes it simple to spread video content to Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. It gives daily challenges that help to boost your channel. It is also free with watermark, and it costs $29.99 to $59.99 per item on internal app purchases.

Key features of Funimate

  • Easy to cut, trim, and merge videos.
  • Add stickers, text, emojis, music to video contents.
  • Above 100 advanced video effects.
  • Make video loops.

App#7 Lomotif

It is a glorious app for you if you need to attach music or sound to your video content on TikTok. Lomotif contains a vast music library from old to modern hits. You can efficiently utilize Lomotif to connect music or sound, make video content or photo montages/collages, and share with other social media networks. The app is free, but if you want to remove watermarks, you need to pay $4.99.

Key features of Lomotif

  • Import photos and video contents from other networks(Facebook and Instagram).
  • Add emojis, filters, and titles.
  • Rearrange the video clips to make a marvelous story.

App#8 Magisto

It is a video editing and creation app by Vimeo. It is effortless to record the video content you like by selecting the video style and adding your photos and videos. Then, the AI of Magisto gives you an excellent movie for you.

The app has a vast music library, and also you can attach titles, effects and upload video contents from your Google Drive account and photo app. It’s a free app and costs $4.99 per month for paid plans.

Key features of Magisto

  • Over three million video clips and above 26 million photos.
  • Professional templates and themes.
  • Fonts customization, and brand colors.

App#9 Vizmato

It’s an incredible video editing tool that allows you to clip, edit, and trim video content to make your best TikTok post. Also, you can attach visual effects, texts, themes, background music, and filters. 

It provides various features such as fun voice modulation, video theme customization, options for lip-syncing, and contains a high definition video recorder, which brings the music and visual effects to your videos. It’s a free app and costs $11.99 per year for its pro version.

Key features of Vizmato

  • Customized stickers and texts.
  • Fun voice changer.
  • 50+ visual effects and 30+ video themes.

Author Bio: Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoy the opportunity to work with social media influencers.

YouTube Video Marketing: How To Boost Your Brand on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most effective video tools to take your video marketing techniques positively. It also supports you to work among a global audience while enhancing your online presence. 

Are you looking out for the new video marketing methods on YouTube? Do you need a successful plan for your YouTube video marketing methods to promote your brand? Then thrive using the high-performing YouTube video marketing techniques that make your online presence accomplished on the world’s largest video-sharing platform. 

Moreover, YouTube’s video marketing tricks help make high-quality video content and improved content; hence, you can identify your perfect audience. 

A Perfect Frame of YouTube Marketing Videos:

YouTube is generally for businesses to enhance their brands, products, or services for their marketing process. And you have no other option than looking for massive popularity for your brand’s YouTube videos.

Here, we will discuss proven tactics to make a perfect Google-friendly content that helps to receive YouTube comments and double up your subscriber’s count along with visibility for your YouTube channel. 

1. Try To Build a Viral Video Campaign Content:

Always making a YouTube video could change the content into a viral video campaign. When you post a YouTube video, modify the video’s auto-generated filename to add up with similar and effective keywords. 

Say, for instance, a video explaining how to carve a watermelon could be “carve-watermelon-howto.” Then, make sure that your video is made up of smartphones and tablets as half of the videos on YouTube are by mobile devices, and total viewing time increased by 40 minutes.

It is better to provide your videos with 300 words of description, comprising keywords relevant to your brands and target audience. Also, make sure to tag your keywords with useful phrases that are resonating with your content. 

Note: You can also return anytime to update your keywords when the new phrases of keywords become the same. 

2. Connect With A Engaging Community:

Today, you can experience that viral video content gains attention, yet you need to maintain eagerness creatively among your audiences. Always cooperative work to make valuable content is most probably to succeed with some randomly generating content you think might receive attraction. 

Many long-term plans consist of making out an engaged community of audiences related to your content and maintaining your brand’s loyalty. 

  • Make ideal content that subscribers need to use and share it on social media platforms.
  • Try to develop a branded theme concept for your YouTube channel.
  • Start to engage your audience to make an authentic group or community. Be evident on whom you are trying to reach with the particular tricks and ideas and receive feedback, opinions, and plans for your future YouTube video marketing. 

3. Stand Out for Stronger Titles:

Your YouTube video must have a full title as it has a primary source of details about your video. It also needs to have a similar type of keywords that suits your audience, who generally search. Utilize Google Ad Keyword Planner or Google Trends, or other similar tools to identify the most famous search terms. It also assists in finding what your competitors are making. 

4. Eye-grabbing Thumbnail: 

Audiences are visual creatures; hence thumbnails are usually the first factors to look at your brand. Always a customized thumbnail is essential as it eases your video to stand out in the crowd. It also supports you in capturing user attention and making them more eager about your YouTube video content. 

Say, for example, you could showcase the end of your YouTube video production as the thumbnail to create a perfect eagerness for your brand. 

5. How Do Complete Tags Work?

YouTube videos have some tags that are, most importantly, your keywords. It helps connect your YouTube content with other videos; hence it can display on the searches. It also lets you work on the eight tags per individual videos. Always make sure that your tags are made using your most crucial keywords. Meanwhile, you can also add a perfect blend of long-tail keywords to your video content. 

6. Try Working with the Influencer:

The most effective method to display your brands and reach a broader range of audiences on YouTube is collaborating with influencers.

Based on Google, 60% of YouTube subscribers are probably about to follow their favorite YouTube influencer’s shopping advice. By using the right partnership, makers can transfer the trustworthiness and reliability of your brand. 

To advertise the new razor’s start, Schick collaborated with MsVaughn TV and some other YouTube influencers. Every influencer has given leeway to make a concept that seems to look natural. This method produced more organic results for product discovery with 50% than the ad campaigns whose organic views from the audience were searching the content on YouTube. 

7. Cross-promote on Other Online Channels:

Have you got followers on Facebook? Then be calm and get ready to become loyal followers on your YouTube for your brands when you start the process of introducing yourself on the right track.

Let us look at a company that skilled these build up tricks by starting their brand on Instagram or Twitter. 

  • The most significant outcomes for you from the fantastic Glossier brand launch is that you can
  • Tease your well-made fan base followers on other social media channels with the cue about something fresh to come into your YouTube channel.
  • Once you make live stories, then make a special series that they come to experience and go forward.
  • Please make use of unique hashtags for the videos and arrange them under the YouTube playlists. 

Critical Benefits of YouTube Videos For Marketing:

By making use of videos for YouTube marketing is nothing new! Here 87% of marketers used videos as the marketing tool in 2019. YouTube video is also a multifaceted media form that you could utilize to provide your subscribers’ details. It’s available in several ways and can offer a different set of audiences. It easily attracts the attention of your audience and gathers them to engage within your brand.

You can also analyze the power of Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Small Business to raise your YouTube video using the different methods:

  • Grab the audience’s attention.
  • Try to improve your sales pitch.
  • Boost up your video content’s credibility.


YouTube is an excellent website for any video content, where it has got a valuable feature for many businesses based on the brands and products. You can follow up on YouTube, as mentioned earlier in the video marketing process, to boost your brands within a few hours. It also attracts viewers and followers massively.

Author Bio:

Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well-established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet Marketing for two years.

Everything You Can Do If You Lost Your Job due to COVID-19

Losing a job to an unexpected threat like COVID-19 is quite a difficult situation for anyone. If you were laid off during the pandemic, you may feel like it’s the end of the world, but it’s not. There are still many things you can do and you will be surprised to learn that there are better options for you even after you lose your job. This is what you can do:

Start Taking Care of Your Health

Time at home allows you to momentarily reduce your stress levels. Before looking for a new job, you can do exercise routines that strengthen your health. Remember that the well-being of the body is not just your physical state, but also on the mental level.

You should know that COVID-19 conditions have prevented millions of people in the United States from taking proper care of their health. According to BCBS, the pandemic caused 60% of millennials to cancel their appointments or procedures related to health in general. Other consequences of isolation were stress and economic insecurity. For that reason, keep these practices in mind to help you battle the effects of this disease:

  • Contact your doctors by call or message: Maintain permanent communication with your psychologist or your therapist. Don’t let stress or your emotional instability make you feel defeated.
  • Learn new skills: Another way to help your mind is through study and reading. This idea is essential during COVID-19, so that you maintain the intellectual rhythm at all times.
  • Do exercise: In addition to taking care of your mind, you should also take care of your body. Long periods of inactivity can cause weak physical performance. In addition, a sedentary lifestyle is one of the causes of other diseases in the future.

Become a Volunteer

In times of crisis, the best we can do as human beings is to help each other. It is difficult to analyze it, but even being unemployed can be a better condition than millions of people in the world. For that reason, many take advantage of their free time to join volunteer activities.

There are many options available. Also, there are movements of volunteers related to work areas. You can sign up for volunteering and take advantage of that experience to expand your knowledge in your area of ​​work. One of the main advantages is that you will have more references in your resume and you will be able to help people grow as workers.

Get an Online Job

Your physical work is not the only option that exists to earn money. 2020 is the ideal year to discover all the advantages that the Internet offers to generate income. Freelancers didn’t have much trouble since the start of the pandemic. Many of them were able to continue their tasks as usual. Some were even able to increase their income due to the high demand for remote work.

Online jobs show world trends in terms of the economy and the workforce. In the future, according to international statistics, remote jobs will be a large percentage of jobs in the world. The pandemic not only showed us that these jobs are more comfortable, but they’re also safer for everyone. The start-up process on freelance websites is quite simple: you just have to register, meet the identity requirements, add an account to receive your payments, apply for jobs, do interviews and start doing tasks.

According to CNBC, in 2014, 57 million Americans worked as freelancers. In addition, they have an average income of $28 an hour, which is higher than the earnings of 70 percent of workers in the United States. If you did not know the advantages of working online, then you should read the following five points:

1. You earn money from the comfort of your home or from anywhere with Internet access.

2. You can find many jobs related to your favorite niche.

3. You maintain direct communication with your employers and can ask for better compensation.

4. Your schedule is flexible (in most cases). You become your own boss.

5. There are jobs that do not require professional experience, which makes it even easier to land a job.

Improve Your Skills and Your CV

Being at home without a job is the ideal opportunity to go out into the world with better preparation. Don’t let your frustration be bigger than your desire to improve. There are hundreds of opportunities to expand your knowledge, no matter if it is in your area of ​​work or in a new category.

On the Internet, there are different options to improve intellectual performance. There are online courses that offer professional and certified training, which is valid to help you look for employment in the future.

Enroll in online courses, bootcamps, or simply learn new activities with tutorials on YouTube. You will be surprised how many people have improved their cooking techniques thanks to Internet videos.

Also, once you finish these courses, you can add all that experience to your resume. Consider looking for online templates to create a perfect technical resume. This way all your skills can be visible for recruiters and thus you can attract the attention of other companies in the future, with a resume that describes who you are.

Sell ​​Items You No Longer Use

Many people hesitate when it comes to selling things they no longer need. During this pandemic, if you’re jobless, it is a good idea to check your garage and find all those items that you no longer use like furniture, clothes, and others.

Today, websites like Amazon, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace are the perfect places to easily post items and sell them. This is the evolution of garage sales. Millions of people in the world are reselling products. The profits allow them to do home remodeling or buy new objects. This is a great idea that’s eco-friendly and will allow you to save money during COVID-19.


Never let unemployment lead to depression. If you want to be a successful and happy person, you must understand that you can face challenging situations. And the best thing you can do is face these circumstances.

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7 Link Building Strategies To Help Businesses Recover From The Pandemic

From its onset, the great pandemic of 2020 has not only gone after humans–it has also gone after businesses all around the world. Almost everyone and every business has taken a hit due to Covid. But, to paraphrase John Adams, with every challenge comes an opportunity.

With the decrease of physical proximity and required social distancing comes all manner of online opportunities. People are spending a lot more time on the internet than ever before.  The catch is in identifying these opportunities and how to take advantage of them. One proven way to revive your business online is through link building.

Link building means getting websites to add hyperlinks to your site in their content. This article will provide 7 excellent link building strategies you can use to recover from the pandemic. 

1. Identify relevant linkable content

The internet is a very dynamic place. What works now almost definitely won’t work five years down the road. Surviving in this world requires the ability to adapt to change.

During the crisis, identify what content is relevant to the pandemic. This can earn links on websites that provide support to people affected by the crisis. Asking these questions will help make your content in-depth and helpful::

  • Will your content grab the attention of your target audience? For example, if you guest post for a medical website, COVID-19 info will make for a great blog post.
  • Are you bombarding your readers with information? Work out a posting schedule to pace yourself and your readers.
  • Does your content address relevant problems in today’s society, such as the pandemic?
  • Is your content accurate and up-to-date? Review older content and see what might still be relevant. Depending on your needs, create new content to complement what you already have.

Here are some proven ways to create linkable content:

  1. Create how-to blog posts
  2. Use eye-catching visuals
  3. Make ultimate guides

Of course, great content deserves a great home. A good site architecture will go a long way. Interweave your content with good web design.

2. Create SEO friendly webinars


A webinar is an online seminar or presentation. Webinars are great for attracting links because they allow a lot of interaction with your audience. There are many ways in which you can leverage webinars to take advantage of the latest trends in SEO:

  • Distribute a post-webinar survey to determine whether your audience benefited from this webinar. These testimonials provide valuable reviews for your website. 
  • Repackage your webinars in different ways. Then distribute them to other social sharing websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram. By doing this, you are more likely to gain more exposure – meaning more likes, shares, and comments. This increases the number of inbound links from high-quality websites.
  • Upload short video clips of your webinar to YouTube. Use specific keywords to describe the content to improve your ranking for particular queries from users.

3. Guest blog to build relationships


Guest blogging means writing and publishing on someone else’s website or blog. This is the easiest way to get backlinks to your site. 

The idea behind this blogger outreach campaign is to build more credibility and visibility for your brand. The more you guest write on a site, the more you create a connection with the site owner. Most bloggers and influencers will respond by liking your content and sharing it. In this way, you can increase traffic and backlinks to your site, and build new relationships as well.

4. Increase your social media presence


People are spending more time on social media than ever before. In fact, surveyed consumers who follow influencers in the US and UK. Since May 2020, 72% of these followers are currently spending more time on social media. After the lockdown, 64% of these followers are likely to continue using social media at the same level. These statistics make social media a great place to earn quality links and increase natural traffic to your blog.

5. Adjusting outreach emails with current events


According to Hubspot, 80% of marketers have increased email engagement this year.

With the news surrounding the pandemic, you need to update your email template. This makes you appear informed and authoritative. You can use the following tactics to do this:

  • Greeting targets with a message that acknowledges the strange time in which we’re living.
  • Being specific about the resources you are offering. Give good reasons on why it could be useful and timely. This kind of information is good for the site’s visitors, especially in the current pandemic.
  • Gently nudging your targets to share the resources you are providing.
  • Signing off your emails in a tone more appropriate with the times. Trade in your enthusiasm for a more sober message wishing them good health.
  • Being patient and considerate with those you’re contacting in your outreach emails.

6. Link reclamation and unlinked mentions

Unlinked mentions is when someone mentions your brand or product in a post but doesn’t link it back to your site. It is possible to reclaim the link by requesting a link on a brand mention. This is what they call link reclamation. This increases your backlinks and your traffic as well. Keep a log of the sources of your unlinked mentions to share any new content with in the future. There’s plenty of resources online on how to convert mentions into links.

7. Newsjacking

Newsjacking” is the process of hijacking the news. This can happen through producing and promoting particular content at particular times. The aim is to take advantage of trending news stories. 

It helps blog posts and social media posts reach followers faster. It is most effective in social real-time communities such as Twitter. In 2014, Content Marketing Institute named 5 brands that improved reputations through newsjacking. 

Newsjacking helps to give your brand popularity. The more popular your brand gets, the more mentions you get. And we’ve already seen how that can translate to links to your site.


Link building is the most excellent way to build relationships with other experts. Through it, you can build trust. This will increase your referral traffic and establish you as an authority in your niche. 

Link building provides support from other professionals and businesses. This support will help your business recover from this challenging, history-making time.

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