Best Social Media Video Maker for Business to Increase Sales with Tips


Nowadays, social media platforms and other public forums are flooded with video content, and the trend is on the rise for a significant amount of time. Video marketing has become the most effective and successful digital marketing strategy as people are likely to spend at least 100 minutes per day watching online video content.

However, not all video content can simply make your brand or company go viral. It is all about making the right kind of content that primarily reflects what the consumers want and are interested in. High-quality content can quickly increase sales, traffic, and customer engagement to any company’s product and services. 

So, it is necessary to acquire the best social media video maker to increase one’s business sales. 

The five best social media video makers are as follows:

  • InVideo
  • Headliner
  • Animaker
  • Filmora9
  • Adobe Spark


InVideo is one of the finest social media video makers available online that will allow you to create highly engaging and appealing video content to attract tons of audiences. The tool contains an Instagram video editor online to help users generate professional-looking marketing videos and make significant money, conversions, and customer engagement. The extensive pre-made video templates, various video-making features, and easy-to-use interface help you stay ahead of the competition in the business field at all times.

The popular features of InVideo are:

  • InVideo has thousands of ready-made video templates for different social media applications that enable you to make unique video content. 
  • The tool is available for free online, which means it cannot cause any harm to your limited marketing budget.
  • InVideo has plenty of advanced features and video editing tools available that assist you in creating the exact content you had in mind without much hassle.


The Headliner is primarily famous for its brilliant podcasting graphic and audiogram tool, but now, it enables users to create social media videos within a few minutes. The tool will prove helpful for beginners, and content marketers as the platform will allow you to create videos simply from just uploading audio files, articles, or blog content. The program lets you add GIFs, images, videos to your social media video to enhance its quality and engagement.

The highlighting features of Headliner are:

  • The Headliner will automatically transcribe the uploaded video’s audio content into captions, giving you an easier way to make a video with subtitles quickly.
  • The tool allows you to create different varieties of content like GIFs and long-form videos, which later can be added to your social media videos.
  • The platform has many video-making features that will assist you in designing any social media video in the most appealing way possible.


The Animaker is a suitable choice for social media video creators to generate professional-level animated videos. The tool lets you create how-to videos or explanatory videos of your company’s products and services and make people understand them simply and memorably. The platform has a separate Instagram video editor online that can help you design stunning presentations, Instagram posts, and expressive stories, which will improve your brand’s recognition.

The primary features of Animaker are:

  • The Animaker contains a broad selection of thousands of templates, 1000+ icons, over 100 million stock assets, avatars, and much more to help you create the video you imagine.
  • The drag-and-drop feature will allow you to create high-quality animated social media videos within a few minutes.
  • The platform permits you to create social media videos in unique video styles, pro-level animation quality, and crystal-clear audio tracks to captivate a larger group of audiences. 


Filmora9 is one of the famous social media video makers that can help you create impressive and compelling videos to hold the attention of your target audience. The tool will allow you to develop flawless social media videos to impress viewers and increase your business sales. The platform provides various tools like an audio equaliser, multiple video import options, an Instagram video editor online, and many animations to enhance your overall video quality.

Certain unique features of Filmora9 are:

  • Filmora9 has a simple, user-friendly interface supported by easy-to-use features that make it easy to use for everyone, ranging from beginners to professional video editors.
  • The tool contains many advanced features such as endless effects, sound perfection tools, keyframing, background noise removal, and green-screen effects that let you design the best marketing video instantly.
  • The program permits you to edit the video content and share it on any platform without any restriction.

Adobe Spark:

Adobe Spark is a powerful social media video maker that lets you create top-notch video content in just a few minutes. The application comes with a cross-platform (mobile and web) video-making tool containing professionally designed templates and other advanced features to help you make stunning and realistic social media videos and content. The program offers access to unlimited themes, fonts, images, customisable templates, and music, enabling you to create attractive and engaging social media videos to captivate more viewers.

The exclusive features of Adobe Spark are:

  • Adobe Spark has a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to create, edit and share social media videos in a shorter duration.
  • The platform’s user-friendly and advanced features will assist you in creating the most appealing social media video to increase customer engagement quickly.
  • The tool allows you to use multiple storyboards, themes, templates, layouts, titles, and transitions to generate the highest quality social media video ever.

Some essential tips to increase your business sales using video content are:

  • Before creating any video content, the first step is to plan your strategy thoroughly and develop compelling social media videos to make your business campaign more successful.
  • Try to keep your videos short and sweet, as people do not find it amusing to watch a video lasting more than 15-20 minutes.
  • Design the first few seconds of the video to stand out in the crowd and captivate the viewer right from the start.
  • Try to hook your audiences by getting straight to the point, as many people might leave if the intro part exceeds a minute or so.
  • Create an attention-grabbing thumbnail to catch every viewer’s eye.
  • Make sure your videos contain subtitles or captions if the video content includes talking.


Video content has become the only source for achieving quick success and increasing business sales. It is no wonder that brands are trying to improve their video quality to a professional level to stand out in the crowd and win over the competition. With these social media video makers, businesses can create engaging and compelling video content which would help them reach global audiences and increase their business sales.

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