SEO vs. PPC: When to Optimize and When to Pay for Traffic

To start with let’s have an idea about what is SEO and PPC :


Search engine optimization helps you to raise the rank of your website and makes it more visible when searched for the same sort of thing.

For example when people search for “good Chinese food” and you have a Chinese food restaurant it will show your location instantly among others. Know about more best commerce SEO company, keep reading!


The pay-per-click is a type of search engine marketing where you have to pay the publisher everytime a customer clicks on the advertisement you gave. Here, you don’t have to pay the publisher a lot of money but only when the advertisement is checked by people.


You need these search engines when you have made something or opened a new business and you want people to know about them.

This is basically a way of promoting your items/business. Advertising in the publishing stages where people search online. As the world we live in is running on technology this is a very important stage when establishing a business.

If we compare the two we will get 2 sets of pros and cons.


`1. SEO may seem a bit costly at the starting but as the time passes and your company starts to get more people attracted to it, you need not to pay the publisher and all the customers clicking at the advertisement does not cost you anything unlike PPC. 

Therefore the point to note is that the SEO costs less in the long run.

2. SEO guarantees you with more consistency in the traffic. Once you become a regular name in the publisher you get to be there and not the PPC where once the marketing dies you sweep away from the traffic.

3. It appears continuously on the search result for keywords when searched for similar products and also makes the publisher believe that you are quite an expert in the field.


  1.  The search engines for example Google have changed their algorithm a lot of times in the past few years which implies that you have to be alert of this and keep an eye on the marketing strategies and organic results.
  2. You should be active with your website as the SEO needs your content to be up to the date without any expired links or old articles to keep that in the rang. Therefore, it implies that your job continues to keep the content on a proper rank in the search engine with SEO.
  3. SEO needs a bunch of experts to work and make the content real great to keep it in a proper rank. It is for sure a stable way yet a much time-consuming way to keep you on the search engine, also keep reading to know about more best commerce SEO company.

Being done with SEO let’s focus on the PPC part.


1. Pay- per-click is great because it provides quick results and that is what people now need the most now.

2. In this the ads appear above the organic ranking, this helps to attract a lot more people than the ranking itself. This is striking and thus helps your company to gather the attention of a large number of people in a very small time.

 3. PPC helps to point and target the needed audience. It helps to attract the exact targeted audience from whom your product is appropriate and for sure they will be of profit you.


  1. If we look into it we will find out that PPC is expensive and requires a lot of investment and which time the cost increases making the whole a lot more pricey.
  1. The PPC may bring quick results but these are really short-term and do not last for a good amount of time which results in low-profit margin. Low-profit margin is not something you would want for your firm. So this is a very important point to focus on when deciding which one to use.

To understand exactly which one you should use for your product or company first you need to understand that this depends entirely on the product around which you want to do the marketing.

After knowing the merits and demerits of both it’s required to understand where and when you should use which one and this guide you understand which is the one for you.

When should you use SEO –

  • SEO should be used if you are not yet ready to spend a lot of money on marketing.
  • If establishing a good authority for your brand is your prior concern then you should SEO for sure.
  • If you are thinking of maximising your long-term return-on-investment then definitely SEO is something you should consider as this will help you do that.

When should you use PPC –

  • PPC is the best choice if you want a quick result in a real short period of time, though it is quite expensive but it promises you a very quick result.
  • You should definitely go for PPC if your product is something new to the market, new to the people or if your concern is a Novel or something which is new to it’s kind.
  • PPC will be a very good choice if you are concerned about something which is time sensitive that is a limited time offer. Choose this if you are marketing for a limited time or limited edition product offer or holiday offers.

SO, basically you know which one will be best for you, you need to know well about your concern of marketing and then choose the search engine which will be profitable to your business.

This was a brief note on both SEO and PPC. Hope this will help you understand the difference between the two and you will choose smart!

About The Author :-

Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Global Clients. He love to share his thoughts on Web & App Development, Clone App Development and Game Development.




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