10 Ways to Increase Sales Using Marketing Automation


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Marketing automation is revolutionising the way we promote our products. In comparison to marketing ten years back, now there are many aspects that we need to consider before engaging with the prospect. There are various channels too. It makes the marketing process a bit more complicated. But with the help of marketing automation software, many businesses have seen a huge change in their revenue.

How did they manage to do that, you ask? Well, in this blog, we are going to explore how you can increase sales using marketing automation. But before we get to that, let us cover some basics.

What is Marketing automation?

Imagine a software that can virtually automate almost every part of your marketing process. You wouldn’t have to do anything, the software takes care of everything from sending emails to creating personalised content. That is exactly what marketing automation is all about. You use a tool to take care of all the routine tasks that do not require human intervention.

Not so surprisingly, it is very helpful in saving a lot of time for your marketing employees. It reduces the burden of your employees while keeping the efficiency flowing. There’s a high chance that you experienced marketing automation at least once in your life. Anytime you search for a product on the browser and end up seeing it in social media, it is the work of a marketing automation solution.

Most businesses never fully understand the extent of what marketing automation can do for them. They simply use it to automate emails and send newsletters occasionally. But when used properly, it can become a partner for your marketing operations. It comes across as one of the best ways to cut costs of your marketing operations and improve the quality of your leads.

How to increase sales using marketing automation?

Source: PeppyBiz

The following steps can seem pretty obvious for some experienced marketers. But some people tend to ignore these useful features from marketing automation tools. So, take a look at the following actions and see whether you are the marketer of the former or the latter kind.

1. Sort your leads:

Leads come in all shapes and sizes. Hence, you need to categorise them before directing them towards the sales team. The sales team must only get leads who are more likely to qualify. And not the ones who checked your blog some months back.

Manually gathering leads has a huge drawback. You cannot actually track user behaviour. But a marketing automation tool captures leads automatically based on their internet behaviour. It organises them based on the extent of their interaction with your content. As it is a direct indicator of their interest in your product.

2. Perform lead prioritisation:

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Lead prioritisation and ranking are one of the most important parts of increasing sales using marketing automation. An automation tool uses certain tags and filters to identify who is more likely to buy a product and who is not. Hence, you can send the list to your sales team, who then initially focus on high-quality leads.

Thus, you can significantly reduce the time spent on leads who might never convert. Two things come into play: Lead scoring and Engagement scoring. Scoring your leads based on the demographic and other such data is lead scoring. Whereas, ranking the leads based on their interaction with your brand is engagement scoring. Both play a crucial part in creating the list of qualified leads.

3. Respond quicker than ever:

Marketing automation is one of the best ways to quickly attend to your customer and lead queries. Almost all marketing automation software comes with autoresponders. It greatly reduces the response time and also improves customer satisfaction. Your sales team will spend less time convincing them and more time selling if all leads get satisfactory responses almost instantly.

4. Perform omnichannel lead acquisition:

As we said earlier, there is an increasing number of communication channels. Especially, social media serves as one of the primary platforms that attract quality leads.  A marketing automation software can effectively track your leads on various platforms. It does a great job of popping up the question sporadically without annoying them in the process.

5. Update your sales team with the right data:

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Sometimes, quality leads drop out of the sales funnel because of faults in the information about the lead. A marketing automation software integrated with CRM prevents such errors from happening. You can thus increase sales using marketing automation by creating a bridge between the sales and the marketing team.

6. Use triggered emails:

Manual marketing can never send triggered emails. If you have a huge customer/lead base, you can not go around creating a personalised email for everyone. However, when you use a marketing automation tool, triggered emails are one of the basic features you will find. Whenever a lead interacts with your brand, they get a custom email right away.

7. Perform lead nurturing:

Some leads are ready to convert after one or two interactions. While others require a certain level of nurturing to qualify. Lead nurturing can happen in many ways. Ultimately, a lead should understand that your product is the best solution for their problem. But, you cannot manually find leads that need nurturing and those who do not.

A marketing automation tool helps you provide awareness creating content automatically to your leads. It analyses the pattern of your leads and finds which areas they need nurturing to pique interest in your product.

8. Use email automation to your advantage:

Source: PeppyBiz

Email automation can do wonders to your sales funnel if employed in the right manner. Efficient marketing automation software solutions provide options for you to adjust and optimise your strategy. Automation tools create content that your lead is more likely to click on. Clicking on the desired areas takes them to the landing pages and thus eventually makes them sales-ready.

9. Create automated tailored ads:

Using appropriate keywords for your ad campaign is crucial. So is displaying only relevant ads. To increase sales using marketing automation, you have to spend some money on advertising. But, you do not have to advertise on mass media. You just have to display relevant ads to leads who are already interested in your products. This is only possible with the help of marketing automation.

10. Provide a personalised journey:

Modern marketing is all about personalisation. Assume a lead visits your website often to check out a specific category of products. The next time they visit your website, save them the time of searching for the same category again. List the specific category on the top of your website automatically. A good marketing automation tool can do that for your website.


Apart from the points listed above, there are many other ways in which you can increase sales using marketing automation software. But, these are the steps that you must be taking to boost your conversion rates. Also, be sure to check out the brief guide to create an effective marketing automation strategy before you go.

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