10 of the Best Social Media Analytics Tools For Marketers

We cannot deny the power of social media in marketing aspects that holds over 3.8 billion active users across the globe. Being a social media marketer, it can be a hassle to handle your brand reputation on social media by keeping track of the behavior of the targeted audience.

To overcome this struggle, you can rely on the social media analytics tool for improving your marketing campaigns and monitoring the trends. Mainly, all social media platforms have their own analytics tools for helping brands to grow digitally; but should you continue using them or explore new options? Let’s understand a few basics first.

Why does your Brand need Social Media Analytics Tool?

Why does your Brand need Social Media Analytics Tool? | Social Media Analytics Tools

We can gather a whole lot of information from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin as per our requirement but that comes within a restricted form. With the help of social media analytics tools, you are seeing your marketing campaigns from wider perspectives and even compare various dimensions for industry trends and competitors on multiple platforms.

With the invention of the latest technologies using automation and artificial intelligence, thousands of marketers are utilizing immense benefits from AI-powered social media analytics tools that predict campaign performances, recommends trending content, generates reports and allow paid ads analytics as well.

In addition to this, machine empowering tools can cutoff specific negative comments on their own and also recommend the best publishing times to post according to different time zones.

Let us have a look at the top 10 social media analytics tools that can change the face of your brand on social platforms.


Social Media Analytics Tools

Promoting your brand using Socialbakers can be one of the best choices regardless of size or industry. The tool allows you to perform analytics and social listening using predictive AI analytics, auto-content suggestions and competitors move – all combined in one dashboard.

It also comes with tram collaborative community management, one-calendar publisher and content creation hub so you don’t need to switch through other systems for getting appropriate results.

Quick Features

Deep Content Intelligence: Watch a comprehensive overview of your content performance along with the auto-suggestive trends for generating creative content.

Tracking Performace: The tool works on the Performance Prediction algorithm by grading your content from A+ to D thereby allowing you to spot patterns of organic engagement, most viewed images and content types.



Awario | Social Media Analytics Tools

The tool helps your brand to build an online brand reputation and also tracks the number of likes, shares and comments from any social platform.

Using this social media analytics tool, also allows you to act fast and give quick responses directly from the feed. You can engage in a deep conversation with your comments and increase organic users using the awario tool by automating the conversations.

Quick Features

Gives Quick Responses: Using Awario, you can search trending conversations by engaging with the targeted audience from their feed.

Identify Influencers: You can track your targeted audiences by age, gender and demographics that helps to build your brand reputation.



Social Media Analytics Tools

Do you wish to analyze campaign measurements with an effective advertisement? Well, try Talkwalker for getting the full scope of social conversations regarding your brand across different social platforms. 

Quick Features

Trending Score: The tool creates a unique trending score for showing the latest trends without indulging in any deep searches. This way, you can always stay updated with online trends.

Virality Map: The tool also helps to tracks social media posts from different perspectives along with all the minute details and trends across the globe in the form of a visual graph. 

Sprout Social

 | Social Media Analytics Tools

SproutSocial is one of the most favourite social media analytic tools in the market. It lets your brand connect with the targeted audiences and increase engagement on the global level by focusing on social media management, data and employee advocacy. 

Quick Features

Smart Messaging: The tool comes with a special inbox that allows marketers to gather messages from all various social platforms in one spot.

Automated Twitter: You can also measure Twitter performance with auto-suggested replies to upcoming tweets and trending posts. 


 | Social Media Analytics Tools

Iconosqure allows publishing metrics in order to improve social media campaigns. With the help of this tool, you can schedule your posts according to the different time zones and also gain additional insight into post engagement.

Quick Features

Suggests the best time: We’re aware of the chronological algorithm of Instagram and hence to combat that, Iconosquare provides suggestions about different time zones for better posting.

Tracking Hashtag: Hashtags are very crucial for trending any conversations on social media. Using this tool, you can discover the right hashtags for their next posts.


The Khoros analytics platform is widely focusing on customer service and satisfaction. They consider digital security and provide deep analytics for better community management. Using this tool, you can easily resolve the needs of the targeted audience.

Quick Features

Faster Messaging: The tools allow you to message your users fast and in real-time. It also offers analytics about your users about demographics, age and interests.

Khoros Bot: If you find it difficult to answer your users on a quicker basis then Khoros bot has got your back. Using the automated bot, your users do not need to wait long for getting effective solutions.


This tool is widely known for content marketing analytics across the globe. Due to its high-performing platform, it helps to generate deeper content insights and monitor content performance from every aspect. It is believed that content marketers find BuzzSumo as the best solution for measuring how their articles perform on the web

Quick Features

Content Analyzer: Content marketers can search for any content related keywords with unlimited searches for a wider content engagement.

Question Analyzer: The tool helps to generate metrics for interacting with different sites such as eCommerce, Quore and much more.



This tool is one of the oldest ones for the social media analytics world. Marketers genuinely rely on their highly rated and fast-paced scheduling capabilities. For many years, the tool is promising in developing huge analytics in terms of marketing, content and publishing posts. 

Quick Features

Schedule Content: The tool allows you to automatically schedule posts as per your desired time to increase user engagement.

Hootsuite Impact: Provides real-time strategy along with recommendations for increasing social media engagement and performance.



Client associations and client experience is the strength of Sprinklr’s clients. Advertisers can generally depend on Sprinklr to assist with local area promoting, and web-based media showcasing. The tool can assist advertisers with tuning in and draw in with discussions across online media channels, permitting advertisers to truly associate with their clients. 

Quick Features

Execution Benchmarking: Marketers can utilize Sprinklr’s benchmarking measurements to see where they remain against their rivals and create high experiences for their next campaigns.

Social Listening: Sprinklr assists advertisers to tune in to profiles across different channels, furnishing them with clear details and visual diagrams



Numerous web-based media marketers around the globe use Keyhole for tracking hashtags. Keyhole can follow hashtags and give complete measurements to online media marketing. Keyhole takes its online media examination further with influencer measurements to different influencer profiles and associate hashtag measurements and catchphrases. 

Quick Features

Simple Reporting: Keyhole makes it simple for advertisers to make, share, and download reports, all very quickly. With simple to-understand diagrams and perceptions, advertisers can show and clarify reports with certainty 

Verifiable Reports: Marketers can get information on more established reports as long as 5 years previously. That way, advertisers can reanalyze their online media execution to grow more experiences for future goals


Here we come to the end of the blog. We hope this article helps you to find the most suitable analytic tool for your brand. If it still seems troublesome then do not forget to connect with our marketing team.

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