What to Do When Ideas for Your Blog Have Run Dry

It happens to any blogger no matter how experienced they are or not. The spring of ideas for your sales blog dries up. But, you need to get your blog post content out there and do it fast! You have lots of subscribers who frequently visit your website and you can’t let them down. That puts even more pressure on you to blog, but you don’t want to write anything that comes to mind. So what do you need to do so you can start writing again? Read on and check out these tips so you can never ran out of ideas for your blog.

Never Run Out of Ideas for Your Blog With These Simple Tips

What to Do When Ideas for Your Blog Have Run Dry

Stop Trying To Come Up with Ideas For Your Blog

While this may seem like the opposite of what you should be doing, it takes the pressure off of you. The harder you try to come up with concepts for a blog the worse you might do in creating a post. By relaxing you will automatically free up your creative side which will lead to generating much better ideas.The process of not coming up with ideas might include going out for a walk or heading somewhere for a coffee. It might mean “goofing off” by playing games, watching YouTube videos or scouring Pinterest.

Actually, doing the latter two in a relaxed manner might have you wind up on a channel or a page that sparks your interest about a certain topic. If you are interested in specific things related to sales or online marketing, chances are your subscribers are curious about them. Relax and you will bump into your next blog post.

What Do You Need to Know More About?

If you are on a tight deadline you may not want to waste time playing around. Simply ask yourself what you need or want to know more about. What was the last work goof that you endured? How can you handle things better in the future?

Research this to find out what other experts have to say, and then get ready to write your real-life problem together with its solution down.

Read Other Blogs

This is where you want to hone in on other blogs that specialize in your area of expertise. What sparks your imagination? What blogs leave you with more questions? Take those questions and do some more research. The answers you find will be great leads to generating ideas for your blog.

You might also re-read your own blog for past entries on various sales techniques and tips. Are there any that you could elaborate on or provide a unique and valuable twist to?

Ask Your Audience

Another best thing to do when thinking of ideas for your blog is to know what your audience want to know more about. It never hurts to post a quick question to your online audience asking them what topics might interest them or what questions do they have in mind. This is an easy way to springboard awesome ideas for your next blog post.

Writer’s block happens to all writers, so don’t let it get you discouraged. Just use the above tips and you will get great ideas for your blog.

What to Do When Ideas for Your Blog Have Run Dry

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