Top Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Need some foolproof Valentine’s day marketing tips this coming holiday?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world and is often a wonderful time to show affection, admiration, and love towards the special people in your life. Along with this beautiful time of the year, it’s important for businesses to maximize the opportunity in front of them.

Many businesses miss out because they don’t pay attention to the viability of a Valentine’s Day marketing campaign. In this read, it’s time to dig deeper into what can be done as a small business while hoping to reap the rewards of this cherished day. Check out our top Valentine’s day marketing tips for your business:

Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips To Grab Your Customer’s Attention

1) Celebrate the Romance on Social Media

It all begins with the use of social media and how you approach it.

The goal should be to have a set of posts/tweets ready for the big day. These themed posts need to revolve around the idea of Valentine’s Day. Do not make these posts generic! You want them to openly illustrate the importance of Valentine’s Day as that’s how you’re going to catch people’s eye. Otherwise, the posts will get lost in the shuffle and you’ll never see the returns that may have been possible.

To celebrate romance on social media, you’ll want to create posts that are designed to accentuate the love-based them. You want something that has the relevant colors, phrases, and images that are associated with Valentine’s Day. By doing this, you’ll gain people’s attention.

2) Promote Love Through “2 for 1” Sales

With Valentine’s Day being about couples, it’s never a bad idea to promote love in the form of a 2 for 1 deal. In essence, this is a great way to get people to enjoy the moment, learn about your small business, and still see the connection to Valentine’s Day.

For example, let’s imagine you are selling a collection of shower products. Why not pair a “His and Her” set of body washes for this day? By doing so, you give people a wonderful deal and create a positive memory for the customer. Creating an emotional connection and tying that back to your product or services is a great way to build customer loyalty. A simple sale is nice but it doesn’t have the same impact as getting involved in the celebrations.

So think about your products and services, and how you can pair them together to create a positive experience for your customers.

3) Maximize Valentine’s Day Theme in Your Email Marketing

Using email campaigns is the the fastest way to get your message out to your customers.

Yes, this won’t be the only way you promote on Valentine’s Day but it is one of the leading options up your sleeve.  Plan the campaign well in advance so you hit customers up with offers well ahead of the holiday. You should initially plan to run a single email that goes out before February 14th. Some small businesses prefer the idea of creating sets of emails that can be sent out leading up to the big day. This is up to you and it’s important to make sure most of the work is done well in advance.

Don’t send out the first email on February 14th as that may be too late for people to buy. Instead, you want to have it leading up to the day, so people can prepare and have their funds ready to buy what you’re selling to them.

4) Ask Loyal Customers To Mention Their Loved Ones Online

Your loyal customers can become a great source of inspiration on Valentine’s Day.

Everyone has a story or two to share and it is never a bad idea to get them to speak up. In fact, you should also encourage those that are single to share more about important people in their lives because this is a day catered to love whether it’s a spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or a parent.

To do this, engage with loyal followers through social media platforms to see how people are celebrating the day. They will feel involved and loved by the brand, which is a major win for you.

5) Use Relevant Hashtags on Social Media

Twitter has made hashtags popular, so make use of them. Think about fun and holiday-appropriate hashtags well in advance. They should be built around Valentine’s Day and work with what you are hoping to sell. Create a few posts and make sure to get them up as soon as possible.

6) Spread the Love

In essence, act as a positive contributor to society. This is a day for small businesses to demonstrate love for their communities. There’s no better way to show this than with a charitable contribution. Take the time to seek out a meaningful charity and donate funds on behalf of the brand. This is a great way to celebrate the day and show you remain an integral part of the community.

When customers start to notice this, they will appreciate your business. We hope that these Valentine’s Day marketing tips can help you boost sales and improve your conversions on this one extra sweet day.

Do you have any other helpful Valentine’s day marketing tips? Let us know on the comment section below!

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