How Online Video Advertising Increase Conversion Rates |

Can Online Video Advertising Help You Close More Sales?

Can Online Video Advertising Help You Close More Sales? | How Online Video Advertising Increase Conversion Rates |

If you haven’t experimented with video advertising yet, you may have missed a critical tool that can help your company gain more exposure. Most of all, videos can help you make an emotional connection with your marketing audience in a way that text and regular graphics just can’t. Learn how video advertising can help your company close more sales and take more leads with improved reach and higher conversions.

How Videos Advertising Increase Exposure

If you haven’t experimented with adding videos to your website, social networks, and video sites yet, these are some things that you might consider:

Videos Improve Search Engine Visibility

According to many marketing pros, one way to break into the top search results on the big search engines is to include videos on your website. In addition, YouTube is a very popular site with the second-most active search engine, only behind Google. If you are trying to compete in a very competitive niche, videos can help you beat your competition to the top of the listings.

Videos Convert Better

One company found they could enjoy conversions that were as much as 700 percent higher if they got prospects to watch their video. They believed that people who watched them in action were more likely to want to do business with them.

Videos also tend to engage social site users better than text or graphics do. You can enjoy higher conversions all along your sales funnel if you employ videos.

Why Do Video Advertising Work Well?

Right now, people spend more time consuming online videos than doing anything else on the internet. Scientists have actually studied videos to understand why people like to watch them so much. The researchers found that people might watch a video to learn something, but they mostly watched videos to affect their moods.

In other words, videos give you a great way to present some facts about your company, but they also give you a chance to connect with people on an emotional level. Many studies have found that people relate to experiences they have when they watch videos and movies in almost the same way they relate to those experiences that they have in real life.

Plenty of other studies have established the fact that people make most purchase decisions for emotional reasons. For instance, there may not be much difference between the price and quality of two products, so people will choose the one that they feel the best about trying.

If you can make an emotional connection with your prospects through a video, you have a great chance to turn those viewers into customers. You can motivate consumers to take the next step in your sales process by appealing to their desires. If you can make a better emotional connection with your audience, you might also not have to compete on price as much.

Are Video Advertising Expensive?

Actually, it’s possible to produce a very good video ad without spending that much money. If you’re handy with certain online tools, your video might not really cost much more than time. If not, you can hire people to produce a short video for a reasonable fee. Your video ad doesn’t have to look like it came from Hollywood. It just needs to look professional and get your message across.

You should also consider the fact that you can use the same video on social sites, your own company site, and of course, on video sites like YouTube. One video can do a lot of work for your company. It can almost serve as an extra salesperson who is on duty 24/7 and never asks to get paid for overtime or take the weekend off. Salespeople will also appreciate the fact that they can talk to prospects who have already been warmed up by your video ad.

Because video advertising convert well and can serve you in many ways, you should consider this investment. A video can give you a way to increase your overall exposure, convert more sales and leads, and of course, improve your profits. In the end, you should consider any investment that can help you earn more profits. Once you start marketing with video, you might decide that they are your favorite way to reach customers.

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