9 Best TikTok Video Editing Apps That Stun Your Followers

TikTok is a famous social media community that allows its users to create and spread short-term video content with a song, lip-syncing, and dance. 

How are they making fun of content? Though in-built video editing tools on TikTok are vital, sometimes, it needs more to bring your video contents to pop.

Here, we gathered points about video editing apps and the facts on TikTok’s in-built video editing tools. Are you ready to make better posts on TikTok? Let’s jump in.

In-Built Video Editing Tools On TikTok

It is basic, but it doesn’t mean that they are not perfect for growing the video content you make on TikTok.

Click the + symbol on the home screen to create new video content. Then, tap the record option. That’s it; it’s effortless to make videos on the platform. Click the sounds option at the screen top to add audio or song effects to your content. You can make use of effects or filters options and video content’s playback speed. After completing your content, you can attach voice-over, stickers, and text layers. It does not stop here.

You can also use the in-built video editing tools on the platform to trim video content or correct the soundtrack’s volume level. These editing tools will be sufficient for many TikTok users. 

Also, you have more video editing apps externally to make engaging video content . If you have edited video content to your liking, it is simple to upload it on the platform. After uploading, you can add a video description, making the option for your fans to create duets and enable reactions and comments. 

9 Best TikTok Video Editing Apps That Stun Your Followers

Yes, what are the best video editing apps to bring your content great? Below are the best ones, and it helps you choose the right video editing app to polish your video content.

App#1 ViaMaker

It is a new video editing app for TikTok from ByteDance. FileMaker is a free tool that helps you to make stunning video content. 

FileMaker crossed over 6,000 reviews in the Google play store in a short period. Though the app misses out the superb features such as a green screen, Bytedance brings out this video editing app on TikTok. 

Key features of ViaMaker

  • Advanced effects and filters.
  • Custom fonts and trending stickers.
  • Vast music library.
  • Massive magical effects.
  • Very simple to use features like changing speed, cut, and reverse.

App#2 Beirut

Beirut is a free tool designed for TikTok beginners and teens. You can magnify your video content on TikTok with rotating, cutting, transitions, cropping, filters, and more.

You can get your video content more stunning from a few clicks. It contains various aspect ratios such as widescreen(16:9), TaoBao(3:4), portrait(9:16), standard(4:3), and square(1:1).

Key features of Beirut

  • Various filters.
  • Customize the video duration.
  • More transitions that make you convert multiple pictures into a video.
  • Cut video content by frame; delete an unwanted portion.
  • Supports 480p,720p, 1080p video content exports.

App#3 Zoomerang

It’s a perfect choice for beginners. It contains step-by-step tutorials for every movement. It means you can get a popular video on TikTok and learn how to make those video content yourself. It includes multiple options like filters, music, effects, and more.

A subscription pack gives you ad-free viewing and access to additional video editing options and effects.

Key features of Zoomerang

  • Over 100 effects.
  • Step-by-step instructions.
  • The active account where they spread your video contents.

App#4 Quick

It’s also a free video editing app. You can select 23 styles of video and customize your content by attaching text, frames, emojis, which helps increase TikTok views in a short span. Even you can add effects such as fast-motion or slow-motion movement. 

It offers multi-language aid. It costs $2.99 per item on internal app purchase.

Key features of Quick

  • Share on multiple platforms.
  • Easy to record video and to edit.
  • Multiple language aid.
  • Simple interface.

App#5 InShot

It is a free high definition video maker and video editor with stunning features such as effects, music, cut/trim video, blur background, and many. Inshot is the perfect pick for video editing and making footage to spread on social media.

It doesn’t have a library of music; also, all the video content created with a free version has a watermark. It costs $0.99 to $29.99 per item on an internal app purchase.

Key features of InShot

  • Multiple video combining.
  • Video cutter, splitter, trimmer tools.
  • Video effects such as contrast, saturation, brightness, filters, etc.

App#6 Funimate

Funimate is one of the video editing apps of TikTok that provides various effects, allows users to select from multiple transitions, makes it simple to spread video content to Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. It gives daily challenges that help to boost your channel. It is also free with watermark, and it costs $29.99 to $59.99 per item on internal app purchases.

Key features of Funimate

  • Easy to cut, trim, and merge videos.
  • Add stickers, text, emojis, music to video contents.
  • Above 100 advanced video effects.
  • Make video loops.

App#7 Lomotif

It is a glorious app for you if you need to attach music or sound to your video content on TikTok. Lomotif contains a vast music library from old to modern hits. You can efficiently utilize Lomotif to connect music or sound, make video content or photo montages/collages, and share with other social media networks. The app is free, but if you want to remove watermarks, you need to pay $4.99.

Key features of Lomotif

  • Import photos and video contents from other networks(Facebook and Instagram).
  • Add emojis, filters, and titles.
  • Rearrange the video clips to make a marvelous story.

App#8 Magisto

It is a video editing and creation app by Vimeo. It is effortless to record the video content you like by selecting the video style and adding your photos and videos. Then, the AI of Magisto gives you an excellent movie for you.

The app has a vast music library, and also you can attach titles, effects and upload video contents from your Google Drive account and photo app. It’s a free app and costs $4.99 per month for paid plans.

Key features of Magisto

  • Over three million video clips and above 26 million photos.
  • Professional templates and themes.
  • Fonts customization, and brand colors.

App#9 Vizmato

It’s an incredible video editing tool that allows you to clip, edit, and trim video content to make your best TikTok post. Also, you can attach visual effects, texts, themes, background music, and filters. 

It provides various features such as fun voice modulation, video theme customization, options for lip-syncing, and contains a high definition video recorder, which brings the music and visual effects to your videos. It’s a free app and costs $11.99 per year for its pro version.

Key features of Vizmato

  • Customized stickers and texts.
  • Fun voice changer.
  • 50+ visual effects and 30+ video themes.

Author Bio: Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoy the opportunity to work with social media influencers.

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