11 Competent Ways To Use Twitter For Lead Generation

Do you use Twitter to increase your budding customers? Or, just pinning your Twitter followers?

Twitter is the most dominant and lucrative social media site, especially for business owners and marketers. Twitter holds 330 million active users, with 145 million daily active users, and roughly 500 million tweets were sent every day. Though, some people believe that Twitter’s popularity is low,  but many people are still fond of this app. It offers plenty of benefits like you can enter on Twitter to explore what’s happening in your surroundings, current news, information, and more. For business people, it’s best to provide satisfying customer services. And you connect with influencers and your followers.

Just look at Twitter statistics over the business. 

More than 66% of the running their business on Twitter 

Approximately 90% of people willing to purchase once they visit any brand or product on Twitter 

This shows that you can easily build your potential customer on Twitter. Let’s see some hacks which help to improve your lead generation. 

Optimize Your Twitter Bio

If you are new to Twitter for business, you have to create a separate account for your business. Once you opened a Twitter account for business, start to fill details in your Twitter bio. Remember, Twitter bio is the first stuff your audience will spot on your account. It must be impressive and eye-catching with informative info. Don’t think it’s just a 160 character, but still, it will create a significant impact.

An attractive bio is an important part of a Twitter marketing strategy which implies that you should take some effort to craft a perfect one to draw the attention of a large crowd of new people. Ensure that your bio includes the following:

  •  Place the links of your excellent and latest content 
  •  Provide the link of lead magnet and email newsletter 
  •  Add call-to-action to your desired landing page 
  • Include hashtags and keywords related to your business, brands 

For further tips, you can refer to the top person’s bio to get ideas from them.

Include Text To The Profile Image 

When people enter Twitter, the first thing they get caught is your profile picture, which is at the top. Now you will understand why it’s so important to include text under your profile image. Even if people don’t see your bio, ultimately, they will spot your profile picture. In that profile area, you can include your business slogans or tagline of your brand, product. You can point out any new addition of your product or services; you can advertise your venture via hashtags. You can add CTA for your promotion. Did you know? You can add links to your Twitter header image, but remember to make it catchy and easily memorable. 

Be Aware Of Whom You Are Interacting 

Suppose your motto or objective is to maximize your lead generation, then it’s significant to know your audience’s mindset and behaviors. If you know your target audience’s info like their interest, active time, then it’s effortless to interact or target them.

You can use Twitter analytics to find more about your audience. To get this, go to the profile page, choose the analytics option, and spot a summary of the activity of a particular month. When you scroll down, you will see the previous month’s summary.

You can use this link in the navigation bar to know your tweet impression and more details about your tweets.

The audience is the most dominant option for lead generation since you can receive general info about your Twitter analytics. Use a selector option to know about your Twitter users, followers count, and organic audience( they are not your followers) for your account. Use your Twitter analytics option wisely to gather details about your audience and account.

Create Engaging Tweets 

Your tweets should be short and concise; most people prefer short tweets to lengthy ones. Avoid posting, same kinds of tweets; experiment with all kinds of content for your tweet. You can try images, videos, polls, giveaways, which will bring more lead generation. Try to share less promotional content. Add emojis, hashtags, images in your tweets to gain more engagement. Don’t forget to post frequently in optimal timings.

Include Live Videos  

One of the fantastic strategies to reach your target audience on Twitter is through videos. By the research study, it shows that video gets three times more retweets than gifs and images. Video content is the trendsetters of all social media. More than 80% of people like to watch more live videos from the brand side. After creating and posting live videos, you must keep track of the amount of engagement your videos receive. There is no point in just posting a lot of videos and getting no engagement at all. Every video on Twitter must have a good number of views so that people who watch the video will suggest it to their friends and community. In such situations, you could get Twitter views to make your videos appear popular, so that it gets more views in the future. 

Make Use Of Hashtags 

You can use hashtags to bring your tweets in front of your target audience. The best plan is to find the famous and most used hashtags from your audience. Then use those hashtags in your content to get a lot of engagement. Twitter suggests trending hashtags from your surroundings. You can create your own hashtags, ensure it connects with your content or business. Include a limited number of hashtags.

Try Influencer Marketing

You can try influencer marketing to wider your reach and increase your sales rate. Influencers have instant power to gain massive exposure to your brand or business. You can use tools to find the best influencer for your account.

Engaged With Your Audience

Always attempt to engage with your followers in all possible ways. First, respond to their action towards your content. Reply to their questions, ask your audience for feedback or opinions. Create a strong bond with them, value their timings, and appreciate your loyal followers.

Twitter Chats 

Twitter chats are the discussion that takes place on Twitter about a particular topic. Through Twitter chat, you can meet a group of audiences in one area. Either you can run a Twitter chat or participate in it. Both effectively reach a new audience, where you can speak more about your brand or business.

Start Twitter Contest

Contest or giveaways is a fun way to gather your audience and to get connected with them. Depending on your business, you can run any of the games, but make sure it must be exciting.

Twitter Ads 

You can make use of Twitter ads to maximize your visibility and reach. Relying on your necessity, objectives, you can select your Twitter ads. Twitter ads offer many options, the selection you can pick any of them.


We hope that the above hacks will help to grow your lead generation effectively. Make sure you have built the right marketing strategies to proceed with your actions; don’t hesitate to change your marketing strategies. Be fast to adapt to any new trends or updates from Twitter. Always keep your eye on trending topics and hashtags to use them in your content.

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