Marketing Ideas That Will Make You A Star On Black Friday

Marketing Ideas That Will Make You A Star On Black Friday

Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays of the year for most. While the turkey dinner is more than enough to excite many, others love the day because it means they are that much closer to Black Friday shopping. Every business needs to try their best to market well on this day since everyone else will be doing the same. Here are some great ideas that will boost your business while helping you stand out from the crowd.

Offer Afternoon Deals

It will not be surprising to anyone if you decide to offer deals and discounts on this day since so many others will have the same thought process. One way for you to set yourself apart would be to offer deals that do not start until the afternoon. Waking up at the crack of dawn for deals is ideal for some, but others treasure the idea of sleeping late and shopping once they are well-rested.

This is also a great idea because it means you will not have to open any earlier than you typically do. As a result, you can save money since there will not be any need to pay your staff for extra hours.

Give Additional Deals On Social Media

There should always be Black Friday deals that everyone can take advantage of. With that said, you should do something additional to show appreciation to those who follow you on social media. For instance, offer an additional 5% off a purchase for people who post and leave your business name as a hashtag or those who check in to let others know where they are currently shopping. They will love the fact that you are showing them some appreciation for their loyalty and in return, you will have some free advertising.

Focus On What Makes You Unique

When you are creating marketing materials for your Black Friday campaign, be sure to focus on things that make your business unique. For instance, if you are a boutique that specializes in workout clothing for plus-size women, it would be great to use this as the core of your campaign. The goal is for people to hone in on this fact and see what you have to offer that the competition does not. Once this happens, they will be compelled to come to you for what they need.

Add A Countdown Timer

No one is going to forget when the big day comes, but this does not mean you should not offer them a bit of a reminder. Add a countdown timer to your website to let people know how long they will have to wait to take advantage of the deals you will have available. In addition, once the day arrives, reset the timer to reflect the amount of time they have left before the sale is officially over.

Send Personalized Messages

Everyone gets bombarded with emails around this time that promise to give them the best possible deals and discounts on everything under the sun. As a result, many people overlook them or send them to the trash folder without even reading them. One way to gain their attention is to create personalized messages that include information that would be relevant to them. Examples of this would be mentioning their name, mentioning a product that is similar to something they previously purchased or adding information that is tied to their demographic.

Adding this to the body of your messages is a good idea, but placing it in the subject line is even better. This will get their attention right away and make it more likely they will actually read what you have to say.

Throw Customers A Party

The idea of luring shoppers in and having them spend more money than usual is the goal of Black Friday, but you have to find a way to show them that you are about more than the bottom line. One way to do this would be to make the shopping experience an event in itself. Play some holiday music, offer them some food and beverages and have a few games and giveaways. They will be so excited at the thought of having a good time that they have no problem buying things in order to keep up the momentum and continue enjoying the party.

Add Upsell Options

This is a marketing tip for those who are having a Black Friday sale on the Web. When people are shopping online, the easiest way to make them spend more is to draw their attention to additional products. Instead of allowing them to aimlessly roam around your site with o direction, you can upsell them by offering some visual cues. For instance, you can add some “Similar Products” links. Many people view this as information that you are offering them as a way to be helpful, but the real reason behind it is to make sure that their shopping carts are as full as possible.

Offer Useful Incentives

Saving money is always a big draw for people, but you should really think about bringing some other incentives to the table. Many large retailers do this when they offer free holiday shipping and an extended period for people to make returns. When you offer this kind of perk, people appreciate it, even if it means that you will not be offering sale prices that are as low as others. Consider this: Knowing that they can buy anything they want and have it shipped without paying more is enough to make people buy more than they originally intended, which means more money in your pocket.

On Black Friday, many businesses make more than they do on any other day of the year. These ideas will help you grab more attention from the masses and compel them to head to your business instead of focusing on others. Using one or more of these ideas means that everyone will win. They will feel like they are important to you and in turn, they will buy more than they typically would.

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