Proven Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Proven Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses - Featured

Whether you’re a retail shop owner or a freelance consultant, your company can benefit from these Thanksgiving marketing ideas no matter what industry they are in! Gobble them up and start applying these ideas to your marketing strategy so you can make the best out of this holiday!

Fun-Filled Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for You To Try!

Thanksgiving is all about turkey dinners, family discussions, and fun-filled reunions that create lasting memories for many Americans. However, small businesses also need to look at this time of the year as a wonderful opportunity to build a great brand.

Let’s take a look at some of the top Thanksgiving marketing ideas for small businesses and why they’re essential moving forward.

1) Thank Your Loyal Customers

Loyalty should be rewarded and is a big part of running a small business.

Imagine having a customer that continues to buy products/services from your business on a regular basis. This loyalty is what makes them unique and they should be honored for their commitment to the brand. One of the best ways to pursue something of this nature is to send out a themed email using an email automation platform (i.e. MailChimp). By doing this, you will notice a positive uptick in how loyal these customers remain. When a person is thanked for their contribution, they will enjoy coming to the small business and buying from them. The same applies here and you will want to make the most of Thanksgiving by taking advantage of it for your needs.

The best way to do this is to make sure there is a reward for their loyalty along with the “thank you” message. For example, you may give them a set of discounts for their loyalty. This can be done for the week before Thanksgiving or on the day itself depending on your desired approach. Regardless, this is one of the top ways of maximizing what Thanksgiving is all about!

2) Donate to the Community

You should show your love for the community by donating.

The reason is to ensure customers understand you are a part of the community and want to see it flourish. With so many people showing their love during this beautiful time of the year, it’s always a good idea to get involved in the form of a charitable contribution.

Donating can be done in a number of ways including sending money to a reputable charity in the region. It’s up to you and can be a good way to get people involved. In fact, one of the strategies that are used by businesses around the world would be doing a “dollar for dollar” campaign. In essence, you pledge to donate at least $1 for every $1 donated by customers. This can be a great way to raise funds and get people to enjoy the holiday for all that it has to offer.

It is these little things on Thanksgiving that are going to push your business to the top of its niche. Yes, there is an investment but this is a positive one and should carry weight as you hope to build a reputable brand.

3) Put Together a Set of Discounted Products/Services

Sales are a part of Thanksgiving and you will want to jump in with both feet!

The premise of this is to make sure there is a themed sales drive that includes some of the top products on your site/store. By doing this, you will get people to take a look as they will already want to find the best deals on the market as soon as they can find them.

You should continue to put in the time to push the best possible sales on your website.

As soon as you do this, make sure to send out an email to your subscribers list so they are able to take advantage of the discounted products/services. This is how you are able to bring in a boatload of sales and spread the word about what your small business is offering to customers. They are going to enjoy this kind of sales and will want to spend money.

4) Offer Gifts

Gifts are always going to work at this time of the year and this is a wonderful opportunity to maximize Thanksgiving. The gift doesn’t have to be an expensive one but it should be enough to get people to look twice and appreciate the brand.

In some cases, you will be able to help provide the gift and have people purchase other items on your website.

This always works and is one of the best ways to bring in new people and raise awareness for your business. Over time, people are going to remember the brand and will want to buy from you! This is why Thanksgiving is your best friend and is one of the top holidays for giving away gifts leading into the Christmas season.

Keep the gifts simple and make sure to send out an email about your giveaway to your subscribers list.

5) Create a Goodwill Video for Thanksgiving

This is a wonderful way to bring people together and truly show your holiday spirit as a small business. You have to create a goodwill video that’s going to grow over the long-run. Too many people want to find something fun to do and it’s never a bad idea to use this as a way to bolster your business. For example, you can create a fun-loving video that is about Thanksgiving and what your business stands for. This is going to entertain people and is a wonderful way to showcase why your business is special.

In this day and age, small businesses have a number of platforms to work with including social media platforms. Therefore, you want to leverage all of them and make sure the goodwill video spreads like wildfire. There have been numerous examples where something as simple as a video is able to win the hearts of your customers.

These marketing ideas will help push your small business to the next level on Thanksgiving. With so many people in the holiday spirit, it’s never a bad idea to tap into the holiday fever and make it a part of your marketing campaign. Using these ideas, you’ll be well on your way to a well-developed strategy that brings in new leads!

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What are you thankful for this year? Were you able to achieve any milestone for your business? What marketing strategies worked out for you best?

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