How To Get Started With Content Marketing

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How To Get Started With Content Marketing

Content marketing is a viable way to expand a business whether it is articles, blog posts, or something more interactive like a presence on social media. In this article, we’ll explain what content marketing is and how you can use it to drive traffic, make more sales and build your business.

What is the Definition of Content Marketing?

To understand the concept, you have to first understand what “content” is.  It’s any form of web copy, whether it’s a blog post, an email, a social media posts or a video, with the goal of getting a reader to convert, such as purchase a product or subscribe to a newsletter.  Therefore, content marketing is web copy aimed to promote, engage and then convert.

Why Content Marketing?

Content marketing is taking web copy and targeting it to a specific audience.  For example, if you had a website devoted to running enthusiasts and you were selling running shoes and clothing, you would aim your web copy to runners.  The “aiming” is done through the use of search engine optimization techniques or SEO.  Search engine optimization is methods used to bring your brand high in search engine results.  Therefore, combining SEO with content marketing plays an integral part in gaining visitors who will buy your product or services and therefore grow your business.  It’s a form of marketing that not only increases your sales, but it saves you money because you’re marketing only to a targeted audience and you’re putting a strong focus on valuable and informative content for that audience. The best strategy can make any businessperson the go-to individual for a particular niche because it will create strong brand awareness.

Get a Content Marketing Program

Before we dive into a content marketing strategy, it’s important for you to know that this is a form of marketing that takes time.  You cannot expect results overnight.  But with diligence and persistence, you will see amazing results.

The way to drive traffic is by understanding your audience.  Who are you selling your products and services to?  Are they men, women, or both?  What ages are they? Do you sell with children in mind?  What social media sites can you use to find your audience?  These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself to get to your target audience.

When you understand your audience, content marketing follows a tried and true path.  It begins with brand awareness, moving into customer engagement, which translates to customer loyalty, which leads to lead generation or clients interested in what you have to sell and then to sales or conversions. The ultimate goal is conversions, and content marketing done right will make your business successful.

What are some ways to get the ball rolling with content marketing?

  1. Blog posts and articles

Written content is an excellent way to make your target audience aware of your brand.  But a serious focus must be placed on quality not quantity.  A bunch of poorly written blogs posts and articles that don’t offer well-written and informative content will be glossed over by potential customers.  The content needs not only to be written well, but it needs to answer a question or solve a problem. For example, returning to our running shoes and clothing example, you could present a blog post about shin splits and why your shoes help to solve shin splints.  Your content should also be search engine optimized or include some strong keyword phrases. “Running shoes for shin splints” is an example.  Your content can address a current topic, or you can make it evergreen, which means that it is a topic that will be relevant not only now but also in the future.  Evergreen content has staying power, and it’s the kind of information that potential customers will return to for years to come.

  1. Videos and webinars

Another way to build brand awareness is through videos and webinars.  However, as with written content, you must have the goal of answering a problem that your customers would have.  You could do a video on staying cool while running and why your running clothes are perfect for that.  Or you could do a webinar on how to prepare for a marathon and include products you’re selling, such as running shoes or a runner’s marathon watch.

  1. Social media

One of the best ways to not only build brand awareness but also gain customer loyalty and engagement is with social media. There are at least a billion people on the main social media sites – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for examples – and your goal is to get as many engaged followers as you can.  The key word here is “engaged.”  Having 10,000 followers on Twitter means nothing if most of those followers are not interested in your product or service.  Then, as you find enthusiastic fans, you’ll need to interact with them.  Make sure to respond to occasional tweets and comments in Facebook posts, for example.  As your company grows, it will be more challenging for you to respond, but even replying to some readers is good for your brand and builds loyalty and trust.  When you demonstrate that you care about your customers that makes a difference.

  1. Newsletters

Mailing lists are a primary way to get engaged customers to the conversion stage.  The best way to get people to sign up to your newsletter is by offering them something for free.  For example, if you have a running shoes and clothing store, you could give a subscriber a free sports bottle with your company logo in exchange for their email address.  When you have a list, you’ll send out periodic newsletters that contain content marketing. A percentage of your subscribers will then convert into paying customers.

As you can see, content marketing is not done with a focus solely on promotion.  Your goal is to initiate brand awareness, to educate and solve problems, to build trust and to interact.  Only when you help solve your customer’s problems will you get sales.


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