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At, we pride ourselves in the ability of our article writers to provide our clients with high quality written content for an affordable price, so we thought, ‘why not start a blog that highlights our article writers?’

And as long as we’re highlighting the quality writing of our team, we might as well write about topics that our clients care about, right?

These two ideas form the basis for the blog. Over the coming weeks, months and years, we will not only highlight the quality of the writing, but also help our clients by writing about topics that are interesting and informative. We don’t want this to become any other blog that soon gets forgotten, we want this to be your go-to for engaging, insightful and relevant content marketing material.

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Our writers are experienced in a style of writing that makes a difference to our customers’ businesses. We recently took a survey of our writers’ professional experience, and here’s some of what we learned:

  • Over 85% have been article writing professionally for more than five years
  • 40 of our writers have experience writing email campaigns for clients, and their own websites
  • 20 of our writers regularly write ad copy for Facebook campaigns on behalf of clients and their own websites

Given the depth of experience our writers have, we’ve seen lots of different popular marketing techniques come and go. And, some of us are website owners, putting our own article writing expertise to work in the world of internet marketing. This gives our clients access to article writers who know how to write content that sells. Our writers are experts on a variety of subjects, but our core DNA is rooted in the world of internet marketing, so we’re going to initially focus on the following topics:

We have a whole series of blog posts exploring each of these topics in depth, which we’re excited to share with you.

As this is a brand-new blog, we will also have a separate series of blog posts that provide periodic updates on tricks and tips we’re using to build our blog – things we’ve found particularly useful (or not), and any advice we’d give to new bloggers. We hope you’ll find it helpful.

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