Search Intent Optimization: How To Write For Search Intent?

Search engine optimization is a pain and it often is a long drawn out process that is going to take a lot of work to get right. However, one aspect a lot of marketers tend to overlook when they are writing for the search engines is the search intent. So what exactly is search intent and how should you be writing to meet the search intent? Even better, how is changing your writing for your website going to change to meet the search intent? Well, all of that is about to be answered here.

How to Use Search Intent for Your Business

What Is Search Intent?

This is a question that a lot of people, no matter who they are, tend to not think about. That is what is the intent of the search the users are using.

Now, what we mean by this is what are the searchers really looking for. A good example of this is if you are looking to buy blue widgets you are going to put in the search bar something like buying blue widgets, where can I buy blue widgets, best prices for blue widgets, the best place to buy blue widgets and so on. As you can tell this is already giving the search engines the intent on what you are looking for. That is to buy the blue widgets.

Just by that example, you can see that a website that is already going to be talking about buying blue widgets or best prices are going to rank quite a bit higher than one that is providing information on the blue widgets. So you will want to do some keyword research and find out what the intent is of the users for the product you are going to be listing or even the article you are writing.

How Should You Be Writing For Search Intent

The answer for this is really going to be dependent on what you are going to be targeting. Obviously, you do not want to keyword stuff. At the same time you will want to try to target the keywords for the product or information you are presenting. So how would you go about doing this?

Well, let us go back to the blue widget examples. You know that the users are looking for buying the blue widgets based off of your keywords. However, you do not sell the blue widgets so you want to write a review article about the blue widgets. Well, this is going to allow you the freedom to target several keywords at a single time.

You may be asking yourself, how can I target multiple keywords around by blue widgets? Well, the start is your main keyword will be the review of the blue widgets you are working on since you are not selling the blue widgets. When you are doing up your review you will want to find more of the user search intent keywords. These can include review, options, features, and of course where to buy.

You will then take and use the review as your main targeted keyword. However, in the subheadings, you will want to include the other keywords. You can use these even as topic starters for your main article. This way you will be lending authority to your main page. What else is nice is these additional user intent keywords can be used as separate pages as well, which can help you interlink your pages together. This in turn will increase your user experience and increase your rankings as well.

How Will Writing For Search Intent Help My Website

Well, this question is pretty well answered already in the above two statements. However, the writing for the search intent, which is actually a lot easier to do than what you may suspect will help your rankings go. up That is because your website is going to answer the questions the users have.

When you answer the user’s questions without bouncing them all over the place, it tends to give the users a better experience. With this better experience they are more likely to use the search engine, yes, even Google still worries about this. So this is going to allow you to have a website that will rank higher in the search engines and know it will provide the help to people.

Search intent is one of those areas that people are just starting to explore on the mainstream with SEO in mind. However, by getting in early it will be easy for you to rank your websites and not have to go back and edit hundreds, if not thousands, of pages of content. Just remember, though, this is only one aspect of SEO, but when it comes to on page rankings this is one of the best ways to immediately improve your rankings.


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