Becoming a YouTube Expert: Super Charging Your Digital Marketing

Becoming a YouTube expert won’t happen in just one day, that’s a fact. But starting now can do brilliant things to your digital marketing career. We all know that there are many different ways to get attention online, and one of the options you truly don’t want to miss out on is YouTube. YouTube is a powerful tool that allows any digital marketing campaign to really show its brand, move its message up in the search engines, and even build up some serious Google authority when done right. We’ll assume you already understand how important or powerful that YouTube can be, so time to jump right in on how you can help yourself become a YouTube expert!

Make Yourself a YouTube Expert with these Simple Tricks


Remember to make your videos as professional as possible. The overall quality does make a difference, then spend time going over these next points to give your video efforts what they need to rise to the top and super-charge your entire online digital marketing strategy!

How Does Your Channel Page Look?
First take the time to fill out your Channel Page the right way. There should be a picture or logo clearly helping to promote your brand. Add channel art as a banner, and don’t forget to use all that space in the Channel Description section to tell people (and YouTube and search engines) just what your page is all about.

You even have the option to customize the overall look and layout of your page by clicking on the gear off to the right hand side of the page. Create the look you want. You’ll also notice pretty quickly that more videos is better and makes the page look more filled out. Once you have enough videos you can even make playlists to further niche certain articles into groups. This is powerful and really gives even more places where YouTube can offer up your video.

YouTube Is SEO Gold
Understand that by filling out your profile like that and making good YouTube videos (keywords in the title, descriptions filled out), you will see massive SEO benefits in two ways. Not only will links to your website push solid SEO juice (not to mention the authority you should be building up) to the website your videos link to, but Google loves YouTube videos, especially when they are instructional or review in nature. There’s a good chance you can quickly rank first page of Google with YouTube videos for keywords you can’t rank for with your website.

In every single way, YouTube is SEO gold at its finest.

All about the Authority
You should go in understanding you want to build yourself as an authority. Longer videos do much better in ranking on both YouTube and Google than shorter ones. Staying on task with the same topic, or similar topics, in one niche or area will help Google see you as an authority in those areas. This type of recognition will pay major SEO dividends on every online property Google has tied to you, and is simply good practice to close the deal with customers, as well.

– The number of videos matters
– Having a united theme or related topics helps immensely
– Use a main keyword in the title
– Take advantage of the large description to be found
– Build authority
– Longer is better

If you remember these main tips and make sure to follow them, you will find yourself quickly reaping the benefits that come with a strong YouTube presence, and your business will thank you – as will your wallet!

Becoming a YouTube Expert: Super Charging Your Digital Marketing

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