St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

St. Patrick's Day Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

St. Patrick’s Day is regarded as one of the prominent holidays in Ireland and has maintained an aura among the Irish diaspora. However, it’s also a holiday that’s celebrated across the planet in a number of countries simply for the fun it brings along with it. In this case, small businesses are able to latch on and take advantage of what St. Patrick’s Day has to offer. When done right, a small business can maximize its marketing campaign by leveraging this holiday. We have compiled a handful of St. Patrick’s Day marketing tips so you can get extra lucky on this day.

7 Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Tips for Your Business

This read is going to lay out steps a small business should follow when it comes to marketing on St. Patrick’s Day.

1) Use the Green-Colored Theme

St. Patrick’s Day is associated with one specific color and that’s green. If you are going to be marketing for the day then it’s time to adopt the color in everything you do. This can include your social media profile picture, banners, website, logos, and anything else that is visually important.

By doing this, your business is going to end up adopting the idea behind St. Patrick’s Day. Plus, customers are going to know what you’re doing and how you’re celebrating the big day. By making these subtle changes, you will show this is an active attempt by the business to show its holiday spirit.

This is far better than saying a few empty words on your social media account and calling it a day. Instead, you want to set the right tone by putting your best foot forward by turning things green. If you have a physical location, it’s always smart to turn it green with the help of well-positioned decorations. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, this is going to help the business with its marketing goals.

2) Create a Holiday-Centric Promotion

It’s time to build a promotional campaign around the holiday.

For example, do you sell products on your website? Why not run a small promotion for a select set of products and give a discount on St. Patrick’s Day? This is going to show the business is serious about celebrating the day and is not taking it lightly. When customers associate the holiday with your small business, the marketing campaign has worked well.

This is the beauty of leveraging the holiday. You are going to get more customers to come in and over time, you are going to end up selling more than you had ever imagined.

3) Offer Holiday-Theme Gifts

There is nothing better than setting up a few holiday-themed gifts to hand out to customers. You can do this in a number of ways and sometimes it’s as simple as getting people to post a hashtag on social media platforms. By doing this, they will automatically be enroled in your competition and then the gifts can be handed out. If not, you can also provide free giveaways with each purchase depending on what’s being sold.

Anything to hand out gifts can work well in these situations.

4) Create a Themed Competition on Social Media

You will want to create a themed competition because this is one of the best ways to engage the average person. When there is a competition, people want to participate especially when there’s a prize at the end of the tunnel. If you are able to hand out a good prize (i.e. a product from your inventory) then people will want to play.

Otherwise, you can also make use of other prizes that are unrelated to the business but are adored by the average person. It’s all about finding what people like as that is what matters most. You need to work with a themed competition as that’s what it’s going to come down to at the end of the day.

5) Host a St.Patrick’s Day Event at Your Main Location

You want to host a good St. Patrick’s Day event at your main location (if there’s a physical location under your name). By doing this, you are making the connection clear and that’s when people will want to buy from you. There are multiple ways of doing this. For example, some may set up a hot dog stand on the day while others may have a photo booth set up. It’s all up to you as long as you promote the event through email marketing, viral marketing, and social media marketing.

This is the charm of leveraging a great holiday such as this one. People will want to show up!

6) Send Themed Emails To Your Subscribers List

There are times where you will want to tap into your subscribers list and this would be one of those days. St. Patrick’s Day is a good opportunity to send out emails and get people to interact with your business.

Perhaps, you can send out an email talking about the sales on your website? This is all about incentivizing their participation on your website and getting them to buy because of St. Patrick’s Day.

7) Become a Part of the Community

Now, most communities are going to have established St.Patrick’s Day events. These happen every year and it’s important to get involved as a member of the community. If your brand is front and center at these events, it’s a great way to promote the business and what it stands for. Plus, people are going to associate your small business as being a part of the area.

Look for the main events and find out whether they can be sponsored or not. This is one of the best ways to spread the word about your business.

Look at these marketing tips as a launching pad for a brighter future. Your small business is going to need more than one holiday to make things work but this is a tremendous catalyst in the right direction. Over time, these little events are going to add up and that’s when your brand will start to flourish!

Stay focused and make sure to take all of these tips and begin to implement them as soon as you get the opportunity.

Do you have any St. Patrick’s Day marketing tips to share? Comment them below. Let’s help each other grow!

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