Use Social Media to Generate Traffic

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How to Use Social Media to Generate Traffic

In this article, we will discuss basic strategies on using social media to generate traffic, which has become an important source of user engagement for any web site owner. In addition, drawing traffic in from social media platforms provides your site with a traffic buffer in case a dreaded Google algorithm change cuts off your traffic from Google’s search engine. This diversification of traffic sources will in turn make your site more valuable.

1. Use high quality images: The first thing you will need to do in order to drive traffic from your social media accounts is create a unique post with high-quality images. Using good images that are both vibrant and engaging will help you to see more people following your links. The best websites with the most views use rich media to keep their users engaged and coming back for more.

2. Follow best practices on posting frequency: When using social media to generate traffic for your websites, it’s important to remember to follow best practices regarding frequency for the particular social media platform you’re posting on. For example, you must tweet something on Twitter much more often than you will share something on Facebook. This is a point to look into carefully so that you are sure not to overload your audience.

3. Use the platform most appropriate for your target audience: Building a strong audience for each platform is obviously beneficial for generating traffic. The more people you have following you the more people you will have seeing your links and following them to your website. Some of the best platforms to start out with include Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but it really depends on where your target audience. For example, many mommy blogs targeting young mothers focus on Pinterest and Instagram while business related blogs may focus on Twitter and LinkedIn. By utilizing the platforms that are used heavily by your target audience, you gain an upper hand that you did not have from just drawing people in from the search engines. This allows you to show your content to many more people at one time and make it even more engaging for the user to want to click the link.

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4. Consider the benefits of social media automation tools: A large number of people are using automated programs to do this work for them these days. These programs work to manage your social media posts for you and post according to the guidelines that you have set. This allows you to show your content a greater number of times per day without having to go post to the network manually. These programs are excellent if you want to save yourself some time to do other things that you need for your websites to thrive. Jeff Bullas’ blog post reviewing various social media automation tools is a good resource to consider.

5. Consider using the platform’s paid advertising tools: One of the things that we see people doing more and more these days is venturing onto a social network site and creating a professional page and using this page to post things that are all directly related to their niche. This is a great way to get people who are already interested in these niches to come and interact with your content. Once you have your audience built and a page that you or someone who works for you is managing you can start to advertise. Most social media platforms offer a paid advertisement program to help you reach even further. These programs let you choose your budget for the time frame you want to advertise, and then it works to show more people your content. You want to have a large number of people following you and being engaged already before you pay to advertise to ensure that you make the most out of your campaign.

In conclusion, lots of people have enjoyed more success when they learn to use social media to generate traffic. By following the basic tips we shared in this article you will be able to start driving more traffic than you already have to your websites. We’ll dive into further detail in upcoming posts. If you want to get updates straight to your mailbox, please subscribe to our email list.

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