Nine Best Marketing Practices For Cleaning Companies

You need to have an effective marketing plan for generating leads, fostering a stronger relationship with existing clients, and bringing in new customers, whether you operate a carpet cleaning, dry-cleaning, or professional home and office cleaning business. To target your marketing budget for the best ROI, here are 9 marketing best practices for cleaning companies to get you started.

Nine Marketing Best Practices for Cleaning Companies

Identify the Target Market

You first need to identify who your customers are before you can start developing a marketing plan. Most local business is typically generated around a particular geographical area. You need to identify the neighborhoods in your area likely to prefer your cleaning methods.

If you are able to identify the type of services that your target customers are looking for, you can tailor your services and marketing plan more effectively to better meet their desires and needs.

Email Marketing to Earn More Business

Email marketing is neither new nor dead as some people say it is. Businesses of all types have been doing it successfully for a long time. While you might be doing it already, chances are, it is possible to get extra mileage out of your campaigns. If you still send out a single email to your customer as opposed to segmenting them and customizing your campaigns by segment, this is one place to start.

If you have yet set up automated email marketing campaigns, you should consider making that your next customer retention and marketing initiative. It is much easier to do email automation than you probably assume and it is very effective for converting prospects into customers or engaging a past customer for repeat business.

Direct Mail Postcards

If you want to geo-target entire neighborhoods within a predetermined distance from your business, direct mail postcards are your best bet. If such postcards double up as coupons for discounted services, recipients are far more likely to save them, even if they don’t require your cleaning services immediately.

Door Hangers and Flyer

You can also distribute colorful door hangers and flyers to local neighborhoods, office buildings, and apartment complexes. Send out a stack of these with each cleaning team with instructions to distribute them around job sites.

Chances are where there’s one existing customers, there are numerous other potential customers who may require your services. Offer a special introductory offer for new customers and include your contact information in large, bold type.

Have a Social Media Presence

Chances are you or your employees are already active on some of the popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. You should strive to ensure that your cleaning services business has a presence on at least a couple of these channels.

The easiest place to start is by creating a Facebook business page. It is a very important step since people are now accustomed to seeing a Facebook connection for businesses. You should include a description of your service on the Facebook business page.

Don’t forget to include all the important elements, such as contact information, your services, your years in business, any specials, etc. All these are differentiators that will encourage people that visit your Facebook page to read on and perhaps get in touch with you via phone or email.

Reward Customer Loyalty

People looking for a reliable cleaning service prefer a sure thing over uncertainty. Knowing what they are getting and paying for is usually far much better than the unpleasant surprises sometimes associated with trying out a new service.

Cleaning services that offer low prices but later tack on additional charges almost always never stay in business for long. Make sure that your customers always get the same good value from you by offering loyalty rewards. A small gesture, such as an extra spot or room cleaning service goes a long way towards promoting customer loyalty.

Build Brand Recognition

It is always worth the additional expense of providing your employees with uniforms and painting your company vehicles with your business logo, name, and contact details. It is not only a great way to project a more professional image, but neighboring businesses and homeowners will see your uniformed employees and branded vehicles at job sites. The result will be the same as if the customer had personally recommended your business to them.

Business Review Websites

Today’s customer is savvy enough to check customer reviews on websites such as Angie’s List and Yelp before they sign up for an offer that seems too good to be true. It is important to ensure that you claim all your business listings including Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp, etc.

It is impossible to change a negative review on those platforms, but you can mitigate it by attempting to make things right with the customer. You should also encourage satisfied customers to visit your business’s page on these platforms to leave a review.

Boost Traffic and Increase Leads Using Local SEO Data

Local SEO is now more important than ever as Google continues working to support smaller businesses in their locations. That means it is the best time to maximize your impact by including more location-specific phrases and words in your marketing strategies.

It also means ensuring that your online profiles on Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp, Yahoo local, Facebook, Angie’s List, and others are completely up-to-date. Local SEO works to drive more traffic and leads back to your website directly without you ever having to pick up the phone.

Final Thoughts

If you offer good value in your cleaning service, word of mouth referrals will ultimately bring you many customers. To ensure that you don’t go out of business while you wait for that to happen, you will require an effective marketing plan to help things along.

Implement the nine best practices discussed here and you will generate and retain plenty of customers for your cleaning business. Do it today and you will see just how much of a difference it makes!

Stay tuned for more online marketing tips!

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Fun Memorial Day Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses often build full-fledged marketing campaigns involving online and offline methods. These methods include a variety of tools, solutions, and approaches based on the target audience. Memorial day marketing tips are all over the internet but which one truly works?

While fleshing out a new strategy, it’s important to look at the calendar and pay attention to celebrated days in America. One of those days would be none other than Memorial Day, which has become synonymous with great marketing campaigns over the years. This is a special day for Americans and is one of those opportunities small businesses can latch onto in a bid to spread awareness.

Take a look at our Memorial day marketing tips and get ready to start drawing some attention!

1) Appreciate the Sacrifices of Veterans on Social Media

Start with something simple because marketing doesn’t always have to be a complex set of strategies. In fact, sometimes, all you have to do is incorporate praise for the veterans in your community and that will help spread the word about your business. Too many small businesses build complicated campaigns that are difficult to understand and simply take too much time on your end.

In this case, you will want to use your social media accounts and write meaningful messages about the veterans in your community. These messages should be heartfelt, meaningful, and in line with what your target audience wants to hear.

In fact, you should also look at engaging with these followers to see whether or not they have stories to share about veterans. Numerous people have relations to veterans in their family or friends, which makes it easier to build a relationship with them via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Take this as an opportunity to make the most of Memorial Day because it’s an opportunity that will come once a year.

Stay vigilant and remain active on your social media account(s).

2) Offer Discounts to Veterans

Discounts are going to be a given when it comes to Memorial Day celebrations.

This is a day to celebrate the sacrifices made by veterans but also a way to find meaningful sales online/offline. However, you have to market these sales well in advance (i.e. 1-2 weeks before Memorial Day).

A lot of small businesses leverage this day as the starting point for their summer releases and summer sales. You want to do the same because it’s a neat starting point and is in line with what customers expect to see when they visit your site or store.

The discounts should be competitive and make it easier to appreciate what veterans have done for the nation.

3) Advertise in American Colors

What about the visuals associated with your brand?

Memorial Day is synonymous with American colors and that means it’s time to give your website/email template a makeover. Otherwise, you are not going to seem as genuine as you want to be. By making subtle changes to the website or email template, you are going to showcase your love for the nation as a small business. This is when people will take the time to focus on what you have to say.

In fact, you should also take a look at changing the colors on your social media accounts (i.e. posting a patriotic image on Instagram). These are the small details that set the appropriate tone for your enterprise.

4) Donate to the Victims

Yes, unfortunately, there are many victims associated with Memorial Day and these veterans have been lost forever. However, they live on through this beautiful day on the calendar and it’s important to celebrate what they are all about.

One of the best ways to do this is to start a small set of posts that are put up on your social media accounts to shower love on these people. This is how you are going to connect with the community and truly showcase your appreciation for the sacrifices of these veterans.

Remember, don’t force the issue and remain thoughtful while doing this!

5) Unveil New Products for the Summer

You will want to plan ahead and make sure to launch new products/services on this day leading into the summer. For brands that do have a turnover in products as the season changes, this is the ideal day to make the adjustments in your inventory.

Summer releases are best suited for this time of the year because the warmer months are right around the corner. You will want people to get a quick look at these products. To maximize Memorial Day, it’s always a good idea to launch these summer releases and sell them at a discounted rate.

By doing this, you are going to catch people’s attention and they will be more likely to buy.

6) Host a Memorial Day Event

Memorial Day is not just about what’s happening online whether it’s social media or your main website. In fact, you want to step away from the digital world and take a look at setting up a local community event for the big day.

This is a way to celebrate the lives of veterans and also bring the community together. Your small business can act as the sponsor and you can even partner up with neighboring businesses. Everyone likes being positively associated with the day and this is going to bring everyone together. As a result, you are able to host a beautiful community event and have people of all ages coming in.

This can be done in front of the business location or at a local park.

Make sure it is themed for Memorial Day and watch as people start to learn more about your brand and what it stands for.

These marketing tips are going to go a long way in pushing your small business to the top of its niche. Indeed, there are many curve balls that are going to be thrown your way but these tips should help set the tone. Focus on this advice, build a meaningful Memorial Day strategy, and follow through with it professionally. This is how you’re going to build a successful brand and grow towards a brighter future!

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Best Practices For Your Airbnb Listing

Spring is in the air and people have already started to dream about their summer vacation plans. If you’re the owner of a rental property and you want to increase your cash flow, you’ve probably thought about listing your property on Airbnb. The people at Airbnb have made it very easy to set up a listing, but how do you spread the word?

There are many listings that remain untouched because people don’t know about them. In these situations, it’s up to the listing owner to make sure they’re implementing high-grade marketing strategies as soon as possible.

Here are some of the best practices to apply for your Airbnb listing.

How to get your Airbnb Listing Right?

1) Keep the Title Simple

The title is going to be the first point of emphasis when it comes to an Airbnb listing. If you’re looking to get people to click, it’s time to think about how the title is worded and the imagery it provokes.

If the title isn’t captivating, it’s not going to win people over and they’ll go to the next option. Take your time to analyze similar listings in other cities to see what works and what does not.

2) Write a Clean-Cut Description

You will also want to take time to focus on how the description is penned.

The description is important as it helps illustrate what the property is all about. This can include potential amenities, benefits, and anything else associated with the property.

You want to sell people on the Airbnb listing with your words and that only happens when you’re as clear as possible. They shouldn’t feel perplexed by what’s written!

3) Take Good Photos

No matter what you end up doing, it’s the photos that are an integral part of any Airbnb listing.

The quality of your photos needs to be as professional as possible. In fact, you should be hiring a professional photographer for this task. They will know how to optimize the photos, use light, and create space that makes the property look larger. If you aren’t taking good photos, the Airbnb listing is going to fall flat on its face.

4) Price Fairly

What about the pricing?

You have to take the time to look at what other Airbnb listings in the area are priced at. This information is useful as you want to sit somewhere in between the lowest and highest figure.

If you price fairly, people are going to be more than willing to give you a chance. This is something that has always held true whether it’s an apartment, townhouse, or a small beach house.

5) Use Social Media

Social media is a great tool for spreading the word about your new listing. Find relevant groups, post your listing, and make sure people are aware of what’s available. By doing this, you’re going to get a leg up over the competing listings on Airbnb. Too many people rely solely on Airbnb for their marketing needs and that’s not good enough.

With these strategies, you’ll be well on your way to managing a well-written Airbnb listing. Remember, this is not as easy as putting up a listing and having hundreds of people calling in. You’ll have to do a bit of legwork. Otherwise, there will come a point where the listing simply gets lapped by other options in the same area!

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The Ultimate Marketing Guide For Insurance Agencies

The Ultimate Marketing Guide For Insurance Agencies

Need to boost your sales? Well, aren’t we all? We have listed out all the things you can do to drive those numbers up. Check out marketing guide for insurance agencies like you and let’s start increaseing your sales, shall we?

Appearances Matter

If you want to have the best insurance agency, you’re going to want to create a name for your company that will brand you as experts in the industry. How do you do this? By choosing a name that will convey your company business your company will look more professional as well as more trustworthy and let’s face it, building trust is going to net you return clients who choose to do business with your insurance agency.

Let’s consider for a moment how first impressions make us feel about a business. Have you ever walked into a business that seemed like no one knew what was going on and the signage was either tattered, torn, outdated, or altogether missing? Did you feel like that was a business that you wanted to work with? Or did it give you second thoughts? Most people would want to reconsider where they were placing their trust if they walked into a place of business as mentioned above.

You want to present the best possible look for first-time clients. First impressions count. Put the right foot forward and everything else is going to flow naturally into place.


Give your business a logo. The logo that you select should remind clients of your business every time that they look at the logo. Take for example name brand grocery stores. If you see a grocery store that is a name brand chain, you know that logo every time that you look at it.

Your insurance agency should have that same eye-catching type of logo that will tell people “This is us” every time that they look at it. Now take that logo one step further and use it on your business cards, letterhead, ads, window stickers, bumper stickers and every other item that you may hand out as a promotional item for your business. This includes pens, notepads and more.

Consider wallet-sized cards that give the insured your number, emergency numbers and anything else that you may think is ideal to have on hand in an emergency. Make sure that these cards are sturdy enough to put into and remove from a wallet so that they’re not damaged.


Make sure that your website is mobile friendly. That way, if someone is at a car dealership and seeking to insure their car, they can check pricing on their mobile devices. Mobile devices pull websites up slightly differently than your home computer or laptop. By taking advantage of this knowledge, you can get a leading edge so that when users need information and are on the go, they can easily pull up your website and find what information they require.

Make sure it’s user-friendly. Ask friends and family to check it out after the websites are updated and be sure to market the site accordingly.


A happy client is going to naturally give you a great referral. But, why not give them some incentive such as a discount at a movie theater, a gift card or even a coffee mug. Everyone wants something for nothing and this is a fairly easy way to gain more clients through a referral.

It doesn’t have to be a lot, but if they do give referrals, make it something that will show them how much you appreciate their helping you to gain more customers.

Use Contact Forms On Your Website

Having a contact form on your website will help your potential customers to get their questions answered. Have a contact form where potential customers can ask questions and get personalized answers. Make this a soft sales call when you call or contact them with the answers to their questions.

In this fashion, you’re building trust (which goes back to our first recommendation) and you’re developing a friendship with them which even if you don’t get the sale today, may lead to a sale down the road when they are considering something new and want to get an insurance quote.

Get Some Great Reviews

Ask your customers to give you some reviews and positive feedback on your website and blog. Ask them to share their experience and if someone is dissatisfied, answer the issue right there online in the forums, websites, and blogs where everyone can see how your company went above and beyond to resolve an issue. Encourage customers to share their experiences.

A lot of people who are looking for an insurance agency are going to read over the reviews before they make their decision. This is a great way to go about marketing your insurance agency and it will go far to help you develop more business.

Social Media

Today, more than ever before, technology has surpassed the written forms of news media that were once heavily relied upon. So, take to social media and set up business pages on all social media. Interact with potential clients and share specials and coupons with potential customers.

Add share buttons on all of your blog posts, website pages and any other correspondence that isn’t personalized. Invite visitors to share this information on their social media pages and have a special gift or coupon for the 100th or 500th referrals or share in this fashion. Don’t forget to share your own ads on your own social media sights.

Target The Audience

Place ads in newcomers packets for local towns. Place ads in the paper where people shop for cars or homes. Use flyers near local businesses that may sell items that require insurance. Use postcards, leave business cards at local businesses.

By finding those who are going to need insurance, you’re literally leading potential customers right to your front door. It’s like laying the yellow brick road to your business and more people will find it without any effort.

Our marketing guide for insurance agencies like you, will literally drive business to your front door and you’ll have plenty of happy customers. Remember, first impressions matter so find someone who loves people to greet everyone who enters that front door.

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CPA Firm Marketing: The Definitive Guide

CPA Firm Marketing: The Definitive Guide

CPA Firm marketing shouldn’t be that complicated as long as you understanding what your clients or prospects need. Read more and follow our tips so you’ll be able to strategize for the future, build a high-quality marketing plan, and move forward with a proactive approach.

8 Tips to Successfully Market Your Accounting Firm

Happy tax day everyone! For most of us that pay taxes, this is not a day to celebrate, but for the CPAs of the world, it concludes the end of a very hectic, busy few months as they rush to help clients with their tax returns.

April 15th is actually a calm day for most CPAs however, so for all the CPAs out there – this article is designed to help you think about ways you can make your lives even busier for next tax season by helping you think through marketing best practices for CPA firms.

CPA firms are well-regarded for their accounting but what about their marketing?

Unfortunately, thousands of CPA firms fail to gain traction simply because they don’t appreciate the value of marketing. Instead, they end up solely focusing on number-crunching and never bring in new clients on a daily basis.

Instead of letting this happen, it’s time to look into the best marketing options available to CPA firms in the modern age.

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Top 5 Marketing Best Practices For Realtors

Top 5 Marketing Best Practices For Realtors

In the modern-day fiercely competitive online marketplace, there is undoubtedly no shortage of prospective ways to market real estate. However, similar to other online marketing disciplines, it is now more than ever proving to be more challenging to get in front of the appropriate customers. As realtors discover the steep uphill battle the need to climb, they turn to the experts to help them in this highly convoluted and complex field of marketing. And the truth is that unless you are a realtor with a huge online platform, getting in front of the appropriate audience could take time. And if realtors are looking to make the most out of their niche, there are some marketing best practices for realtors like you should embrace. Focus on these practices, and you will reap success in online mediums like social media, search engine optimization, video, and blogging. Ignore these practices, and you will find yourself floundering in vast competition, unable to attract the appropriate clients.

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Best Easter Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Best Easter Marketing Tips For small Businesses

With millions of people celebrating Easter around the world, it’s become important for businesses to implement holiday-based strategies. Even some of the world’s largest corporations are starting to look at these holidays as a way to earn more money, bring in new leads, and push their companies to new heights. However, it’s important to do this the right way and make sure the business doesn’t lose money. For small businesses interested in implementing an Easter-centric marketing scheme, it’s time to look at the following tips. These Easter marketing tips are the best way to tap into this holiday and make it a part of your company’s marketing vision.

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Tips For A Successful Email Marketing Campaign For Your Landscaping Business

Tips For A Successful Email Marketing Campaign For Your Landscaping Business

As we turn the page from March to April, many landscaping companies are starting to gear up for another season. There are many landscaping companies out there and with few barriers to entry, how do you make yourself stand out in a cost-effective manner? One of the most cost-effective ways to market to new or existing customers is through the use of email marketing. Read on and find out how you could create an effective email marketing campaign for your landscaping business

The 4 Step Guide To Creating An Email Marketing Campaign For Your Landscaping Buisiness

The business world has greatly evolved, and owners are shifting from traditional marketing techniques to Internet-based ones. Well, most people look for goods and services on the web and marketers who can promote their commodities and be visible to consumers can reap significant rewards. Internet marketing is a broad field that consists several individual elements and businesses should know the best ones to invest them depending on their specific niche. If you have a landscaping business, you can take advantage of email marketing to retain your customers and prompt new ones to seek your services. Email marketing requires a well-designed strategy and read on to find out some useful tips for succeeding in this marketing technique for the good of your landscaping business.

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Successful Email Marketing For Amazon Business

Successful Email Marketing For Amazon Business

Setting up an Amazon business can be tremendously lucrative.

Some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs have harnessed the power of Amazon to grow their companies. With its wide-reaching audience, proven metrics, and ability to sell products, Amazon is a winner and many great minds want to attach to it for their own benefit. If you are in this boat, it’s time to look at the value of good marketing and what it can do for a business.

Too many business owners don’t think about email marketing and that’s why their Amazon business begins to fail. Here are some of the most important tips for running a successful email marketing campaign for your Amazon business.

1) Find a Reliable Email Automation Platform

Start with the basics and find a good email automation platform.

This is going to be your home base and has to be of the highest quality. For example, you can pinpoint which platform will be able to handle your specific needs before signing up. In general, most business owners prefer to work with MailChimp or AWeber depending on their needs. Think about the various packages, compare their features, and pick the one that’s ideal for your setup.

Don’t assume a specific email marketing platform is going to work. It’s all about understanding the interface and imagining yourself using it on a daily basis. If your foundation (i.e. platform) isn’t good enough, how are you going to send out meaningful emails? it will become a disaster and that’s when customers start to hate your brand. Be smart and get this taken care of immediately!

2) Split Test Subject Lines

You will need to test different subject lines to see what works and what does not.

In the past, Amazon business owners would send out generic emails and hope for the best. With the looming competition in each niche, you want to make sure to stand out for all the right reasons. A dull and often “spammy” subject line is going to be ignored in seconds. People don’t want to read through emails that don’t capture their attention and rightly so! Why should they look at something that seems like it should be in the junk folder?

You want to make sure the subject line is captivating, easy-going, and in line with what the email is about.

In some cases, people like to use “click-bait” subject lines and that’s not always the appropriate way to go. By using a click-bait subject line, you’re setting customers up for disappointment and that’s not a feeling anyone wants to be associated with. Keep things simple but make sure to avoid sounding generic. Over time, you will notice how the target audience responds (track everything!) and can start setting up a formula that works. Until then, it’s best to keep playing around with the different options up your sleeve.

3) Learn More About Your Target Audience

You will want to do your homework when it comes to the target audience and what they prefer.

Each niche is going to vary when it comes to the audience and its demographics. Some niches will have an older target audience while others are going to have a more young adult feel to it.

These are details you have to think about before putting together a new set of emails. The wrong tone with your target audience is going to do more damage than good. In fact, this is one of the main reasons email marketing campaigns fall flat on their face. You want to mull over these possibilities as much as possible to make sure you are on top of how the email marketing campaign is going to be run.

As you continue to learn more about the readers, you can start to improvise and adapt.

4) Test Send Times

You should play around with the “send times” to see what works.

For example, you can send the email as soon as a product is put in the shopping cart on Amazon. This may seem cumbersome but is a route some businesses take to complete the sale and get a new conversion for their bottom line. However, others prefer the idea of sending a short email after the sale is done.

If the send time is not in sync with the business and its processes, everything can start to break down. This is where properly timed emails can help push the business to new heights in a matter of days.

5) Make Use of Call-To-Actions

You will always want to make use of CTAs (call-to-action) in your emails.

This is going to vary depending on what you sell as an Amazon business. Let’s assume you sell baby products and someone buys a stroller. Why not let them know more about other products in your inventory (i.e. feeders, carriers) as a way to get them to look? This is all about optimizing the lead and getting more value from them. If they were already willing to spend money on one product, they’re more likely to do it again.

This is why CTAs are of utmost importance in any email marketing campaign. You should always look to promote for the next sale because customers should never become a “one and done” asset.

Always stay in front of your competition by making the most of converted leads. This is how you win the race to the top.

6) Use Images/Videos

Email marketing can become monotonous after a while.

If you ever take a look at the leading businesses in any industry, you’ll realize they make use of images/videos. This is a great way to break up the monotony and get people to look twice. An image/video is going to be far more captivating than a traditional wall of text. By doing this, a business is going to engage the reader and perhaps get them to pay attention to what’s been said.

This is the value of visuals as you look to dominate in your niche.

7) Split Test Frequency of Your Emails

Amazon businesses have to stay on top of their emails and that includes how often emails are sent out.

No one likes the idea of being bombarded by emails every single day! You want to think about how the email will be received, what the reader is going to think, and what your timing is doing in their lives. By overdoing your email marketing campaign, it’s easy to see people ignore what you’re sending their way and that’s never a good feeling. Instead, you want to make sure to get on top of this as soon as you get the opportunity to do so.

Split test the frequency of your emails to make sure you get the timing spot on.

8) Be Willing To Get Creative!

It’s important to get creative when it comes to the emails.

People don’t like the idea of reading boring emails that say the same thing over and over again. In these situations, you don’t want to take yourself so seriously that it becomes impossible to create a positive image around your brand! Yes, it is always smart to stay professional but being creative can even be something as simple as a funny joke that’s relevant to the niche.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box in these cases because it’ll help your email marketing campaign.

9) Set the Right Tone

The tone is just as important as what is said in an email.

Being unprofessional, rude, or simply inappropriate will never be on. This is how you are going to lose all of your business. Running an Amazon business is all about paying attention to what the target audience wants and always setting the right tone. By doing this, you’re going to stay ahead of the curve and will be able to win people over. Your tone needs to be professional, consistent, and in line with what your brand stands for.

10) Track Everything

The final tip is to track everything associated with your email marketing campaign.

The beauty of choosing a good email automation platform is in their tracking features. These platforms are able to showcase how many people are subscribed, how many emails are opened, and how many people have unsubscribed.

These are vital details that can go a long way in helping optimize your approach to email marketing. By keeping track of this information, you’re already two steps ahead of everyone else as an Amazon business.

Final Thoughts

These tips are going to set the foundation for your business and how it does. Remember, there are many competing names in the industry but those with the best marketing strategy will win the ultimate prize. Think about how you are emailing potential leads and make sure the Amazon business has the opportunity to succeed. It is easy to assume things will work out but that’s always the case when you’re impatient.

By implementing these email marketing tips, you’ll be well on your way to running a great Amazon business!

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Tips For Promoting Your Podcast

 Add title Tips For Promoting Your Podcast

A podcast is a powerful tool to have up your sleeve and is one of the best options in the digital age while building a brand. However, it’s not as easy as grabbing a mic, setting up the podcast, and bringing in millions of listeners. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it! Once you have set everything up, promoting your Podcast should be your next step.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have great ideas but don’t know how to get out in front of the target audience. This means they end up in a bad situation where the podcast has a few listeners (if lucky!) and goes nowhere.

Instead of letting this happen, it’s time to look at tips for promoting your podcast.

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