Fun Memorial Day Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses often build full-fledged marketing campaigns involving online and offline methods. These methods include a variety of tools, solutions, and approaches based on the target audience. Memorial day marketing tips are all over the internet but which one truly works?

While fleshing out a new strategy, it’s important to look at the calendar and pay attention to celebrated days in America. One of those days would be none other than Memorial Day, which has become synonymous with great marketing campaigns over the years. This is a special day for Americans and is one of those opportunities small businesses can latch onto in a bid to spread awareness.

Take a look at our Memorial day marketing tips and get ready to start drawing some attention!

1) Appreciate the Sacrifices of Veterans on Social Media

Start with something simple because marketing doesn’t always have to be a complex set of strategies. In fact, sometimes, all you have to do is incorporate praise for the veterans in your community and that will help spread the word about your business. Too many small businesses build complicated campaigns that are difficult to understand and simply take too much time on your end.

In this case, you will want to use your social media accounts and write meaningful messages about the veterans in your community. These messages should be heartfelt, meaningful, and in line with what your target audience wants to hear.

In fact, you should also look at engaging with these followers to see whether or not they have stories to share about veterans. Numerous people have relations to veterans in their family or friends, which makes it easier to build a relationship with them via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Take this as an opportunity to make the most of Memorial Day because it’s an opportunity that will come once a year.

Stay vigilant and remain active on your social media account(s).

2) Offer Discounts to Veterans

Discounts are going to be a given when it comes to Memorial Day celebrations.

This is a day to celebrate the sacrifices made by veterans but also a way to find meaningful sales online/offline. However, you have to market these sales well in advance (i.e. 1-2 weeks before Memorial Day).

A lot of small businesses leverage this day as the starting point for their summer releases and summer sales. You want to do the same because it’s a neat starting point and is in line with what customers expect to see when they visit your site or store.

The discounts should be competitive and make it easier to appreciate what veterans have done for the nation.

3) Advertise in American Colors

What about the visuals associated with your brand?

Memorial Day is synonymous with American colors and that means it’s time to give your website/email template a makeover. Otherwise, you are not going to seem as genuine as you want to be. By making subtle changes to the website or email template, you are going to showcase your love for the nation as a small business. This is when people will take the time to focus on what you have to say.

In fact, you should also take a look at changing the colors on your social media accounts (i.e. posting a patriotic image on Instagram). These are the small details that set the appropriate tone for your enterprise.

4) Donate to the Victims

Yes, unfortunately, there are many victims associated with Memorial Day and these veterans have been lost forever. However, they live on through this beautiful day on the calendar and it’s important to celebrate what they are all about.

One of the best ways to do this is to start a small set of posts that are put up on your social media accounts to shower love on these people. This is how you are going to connect with the community and truly showcase your appreciation for the sacrifices of these veterans.

Remember, don’t force the issue and remain thoughtful while doing this!

5) Unveil New Products for the Summer

You will want to plan ahead and make sure to launch new products/services on this day leading into the summer. For brands that do have a turnover in products as the season changes, this is the ideal day to make the adjustments in your inventory.

Summer releases are best suited for this time of the year because the warmer months are right around the corner. You will want people to get a quick look at these products. To maximize Memorial Day, it’s always a good idea to launch these summer releases and sell them at a discounted rate.

By doing this, you are going to catch people’s attention and they will be more likely to buy.

6) Host a Memorial Day Event

Memorial Day is not just about what’s happening online whether it’s social media or your main website. In fact, you want to step away from the digital world and take a look at setting up a local community event for the big day.

This is a way to celebrate the lives of veterans and also bring the community together. Your small business can act as the sponsor and you can even partner up with neighboring businesses. Everyone likes being positively associated with the day and this is going to bring everyone together. As a result, you are able to host a beautiful community event and have people of all ages coming in.

This can be done in front of the business location or at a local park.

Make sure it is themed for Memorial Day and watch as people start to learn more about your brand and what it stands for.

These marketing tips are going to go a long way in pushing your small business to the top of its niche. Indeed, there are many curve balls that are going to be thrown your way but these tips should help set the tone. Focus on this advice, build a meaningful Memorial Day strategy, and follow through with it professionally. This is how you’re going to build a successful brand and grow towards a brighter future!

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