Content Writing Services And The Return On Investment

As mentioned in our intro blog post, we will feature content that has been written by the content writing services found here at You should note that this writing, our “Return On Investment From Using Content Writing Services” was either purchased on the marketplace and thus this content was previously available to anyone, or we ordered the content through the ordering platform. We did not cause the content writer to spend an unusual amount of time writing the article on our behalf. In other words, this is a fine example of the quality of writing that is available to all our customers who use our content writing services.  The final output contains a few minor edits on our part to include graphics, insert links, and so forth.

How Using Content Writing Services Can Help You

Running an online website requires time, effort, and patience.

Most website owners begin with a “do it yourself” approach where everything is done on their own. Of course, as the site grows, this becomes impossible to manage unless you sit down in front of a computer around the clock. Those who are looking to optimize their time and still have a life will know the value of outsourcing tasks.

One of the most important tasks is content writing.

This read will analyze the return on investment from using content writing services for your site.

Business Models That Could Use Content Writers

Let’s start with business models online, which require quality content around the clock.

Without quality content, the website will fall apart or not generate the amount of money you’re after as a site owner.

1) General Blogs

General blogs require a constant stream of content related to the overall theme.

For example, if you’re running a gardening blog, it’s essential to set up content throughout the week for your avid readers. If you don’t provide content, they will refuse to come back. The blog is built on the shoulders of good content, so you need to take the time to outsource some of the writing.

The moment you slow down is the moment your blog stops bringing in readers.

This business model is built on views, ads, and affiliate earnings. If there’s no one reading, you’re not making money.

2) E-Commerce

Setting up an e-Commerce store is wonderful, but you need to realize the power of content.

Who is going to be writing the product descriptions and make sure they’re accurate? If you start to do this for hundreds of products, you will make mistakes or begin to cut corners. This is why hiring writers is the way to go and saves a lot of time.

It also guarantees quality work since they are working on this part of the business without looking at anything else. The same applies to setting up reviews for the e-Commerce business. You have a lot of content to put up, and it has to start with the help of outsourced writers.

3) News Sites

Another business model that has taken off in recent times is a “news” site.

They put up relevant, recent news and stay up to speed with current events. Of course, this means you have to put up content quickly without seeing a reduction in quality. How are you going to manage all of this writing without your fingers falling off from all the typing so much content?

It’s nearly impossible unless you are taking a look at hiring writers.

They can do the research for you and make sure the content is uploaded as soon as possible. It makes running a news site easy. The business model is built on ads and getting people to read what you have written.

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Benefits of Content Writers

1) Fresh Content

The first advantage is getting fresh content based on your schedule.

Most site owners have a set deadline for their content creation. For example, your blog may put up a post twice a week. So, you will let the writers know about this deadline, and they will have a quality writing in your hands on time. This is one of the significant positives of outsourced writers.

They create fresh content at the speed you want.

2) Time-Efficient

You have a lot of things to do as the site owner.

You can’t sit around writing all the time unless you are willing to sacrifice on other parts of the business. It is best to let outsourced writers do the writing while you look at spending time marketing or getting the word out about your site.

This is how you can get to the next level as a website and grow your business.

3) Emphasis on Growing Business

What is the goal of setting up a site?

You want to grow it and get it to the top of its niche. Of course, this isn’t going to happen if you are merely writing articles and doing nothing else. It is essential to make sure you are growing the business with patience and not skipping corners.

This is why letting writers do the content creation side of things is ideal. It lets you push the business to where it needs to go.

You can follow through on your vision for the business as intended.

4) Tap Into Writer’s Expertise on Subject

Sometimes, you are going to be out of ideas for the subject, and it’s better to let a second person take control.

They will have years of experience in the niche (if you hire wisely) and can come up with new subjects in seconds.

5) Writers Know How To Write Engaging Content

Outsourced writers are specialists at what they do. They are adept at writing content that appeals to the reader.

They have been doing this for years and will have a good inkling of what your site needs. This includes understanding the nuances of SEO content. You don’t want those who are new to this, and that’s where you are going to see a tremendous ROI.

Doing it on your own will never get you to where you want to be. Especially if you are not as versed in SEO content writing. It’s not as simple as just writing an ordinary piece of content. Sure, you want your readers to be engaged with your content, but you also need your writing to appeal to the search engines. This is a skill that is rare, and one that content writers are very good at.

6) Build Consistency

Getting a set schedule in place and hitting the right deadlines is key. But it can also get to be a huge hindrance if you have to constantly be writing content.

You cannot build a good business unless you are starting to develop consistency. When you are doing it on your own, it’s far more difficult to have consistency as many people burn out. Hiring writers to take the bulk of the writing tasks off your plate can alleviate a big bulk of the stress and allow you to focus on staying more consistent.

7) Create Range of Content

The final benefit is knowing you are going to get a wide range of content from your team of writers. Most people are skilled in one area of writing or creating content. That’s why it can be quite cumbersome to try to be a jack of all trades. But with iNeedArticles content writing services you don’t need to worry about those limitation. It could be infographics, articles, and other pieces of content instead of one type. Did you know that you can also hire writers to create product reviews, product descriptions, write tweets, write press releases, and of course proofread or edit your existing content?

These are the benefits of choosing to use content writing services. It’s okay to start off doing it on your own, but over time, the goal should be to pass things on to those who do this for a living and can get things done on time.

Cost of Content Writing Services

There are two main costs to outsourcing writers: monetary and loss of control.

The monetary cost of outsourcing content is quite reasonable and really is a no-brainer for someone who values their time at more than $10 per hour. On average, experienced writers can write a 500-word piece of content given only a title and main keywords in about 30 minutes. The cost of that writing could be as low as $5.00, so hiring writers through will get you two basic pieces of content for ~$10 in one hour. How much time does it take you when writing a 500 word piece of content? If you’re not doing it frequently and have lots of practice, it’s probably taking you a lot longer than 30 minutes, in which case you’re valuing your time at less than $10 per hour by not outsourcing your writing to experienced writers who do this for a living. And my hunch is you didn’t get into owning your own site to make less than $10 per hour. If you’re anything like us, you did it to create time and freedom for yourself. By the way, we write content of all lengths – from 300 words to 3,000 words! We just use 500 words here as an example. So if you’re looking for well-researched, in-depth pieces of content of 2,000 words or more that will truly establish your credibility as an authority in your niche, we can help with that. Or if you need “filler” writings of 500 words to help with your SEO efforts, we’re very good at that as well.

The table below highlights the potential ROI of content writing services. If you’re not spending your time writing content but instead can spend that time in higher value pursuits such as finding new clients or developing new products or service, the benefits can be significant.

Benefits of Content Writing ServicesLowBaseHigh
Hourly Value of Your Time        25.00        50.00     100.00
Hourly Cost to Outsource Writing        10.00        10.00        10.00
Hourly Benefit of Outsourcing Writing        15.00        40.00        90.00

For those of you who are more visual learners, we’ve included the chart below to highlight an important benefit of outsourcing writing. Given the hourly cost of outsourcing writing content doesn’t change, the more valuable your time becomes, the greater the benefit of outsourcing. We call this phenomenon the “leverage of outsourcing writing.” It’s certainly not unique to just outsourcing writing – there are literally dozens of tasks that business owners do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis that could (and should) be outsourced in order for owners to focus on the most profitable activities.

return on investment from using outsourced writers
Chart depicting the return on investment from using outsourced writers

The cost and customization of the content goes up if you need something done faster, need an expert, need some extra research, or need a certain style to the writing. But even in instances where you need more than just the basic content, the cost of customizing your content on is not going to break the bank. We ordered four 1,000 word articles with various fees attached and the cost of two articles came in at $16.50 and two other articles came in at $23.50 (because we paid for extra research). That would push the hourly cost from $10 to a range of $16.50 – $23.50, but it doesn’t cut significantly into the overall ROI of outsourcing writers. And those articles are very high quality, well written content (which you will see on this blog in the near future).

The other potential cost to outsourcing content is the loss of control over the content. Sometimes you may not want to cede your voice and point of view to someone else. But even in that circumstance, it doesn’t hurt to have someone else to have a first go at the topic. Even if you don’t use any of the content from the rough draft, it helps give you insights and information to help frame your own point of view. Then again, you may just edit the content to insert your own voice into the content and you’ve saved yourself a lot of time in the process.

These are the main benefits and costs to consider when thinking about using content writing services. Here at, our 150+ strong staff of content creators have written over 500,000 articles and work with clients from all over the globe from more industries than we can count. We are confident that if you see a need to outsource content creation, we can help you make that happen! If you want to get started with content marketing, please check out our intro to content marketing and our recommendation on the eight templates every content marketer needs.

iNeedArticles Content Writing Services Testimonial:

I run a digital agency and have too many websites to count. On top of running my own affiliate websites. I simply don’t have time to be writing content all day long. The service that I get from iNeedArticles is the perfect solution to my content problem. There’s just no way I can keep up with all of the writing that they are able to provide me with through their content writing service. I have used plenty of writing services to try to alleviate some of the writing burden and I find that the iNeed Articles content is some of the best out there. Especially for the price. You simply won’t get better content at a lower price. That’s not to say the quality of the writing is bad, either. I always spring for the 4 or 5-star writers and I almost always get usable content that I can post right away. The content has always passed Copyscape, so there’s no need to worry about duplicate content. For my money, you won’t find a better content writing service to alleviate your writing burden!

Craig T

Of course, outsourcing content writing is just one of the many services that you could outsource. We here at believe strongly in specialization and often use outsourced services to complete a variety of tasks to help us focus on growing our business. There are of course many services that can help you outsource (Upwork, Fiverr come to mind). The outsourcing service that we’ve gravitated to is FreeeUp because they make the hiring process very easy. Many of the services on the market require users to vet their own candidates, which can take many hours. FreeeUp’s service selects 2-3 highly vetted candidates to choose from, cutting down on search costs dramatically. And we find that the quality of people we’ve hired through FreeeUp has been fantastic. We’ve now hired five people through the platform and everyone has been excellent at their skill set. If you’re interested in learning more about leveraging your time by hiring specialists, check out FreeeUp’s guide to hiring a virtual assistant which we find useful for thinking through hiring many different kinds of workers.

4 thoughts on “Content Writing Services And The Return On Investment

  1. Copywriting services are perhaps the most overlooked facet of online business.

    So it is great to see this article on here Liz! Extolling the virtues and value of outsourcing content to professional writers. I deal with a lot of clients, and also coach other digital marketing professionals, around this point. With the massive race for pushing links to rank sites that is in effect, it is quite stunning how little work actually goes into creating quality sites that people will love.

    A study published several years ago demonstrated that the average word count for page 1 content was 1,500 words.

    Something which has only grown in the time since.

    Yet still, a great many people seem to think that 500-word articles are enough. The fact is that soon enough Google, via the Webmaster guidelines, will be starting to look at content of that length, and regarding it as thin. Thus mitigating any of the value in producing it in the first place.

    To be successful online, marketers need to focus on getting content over 1,500 words, in order to achieve sustainable results.

    To get content of that length, good writers are essential.

    General writing is good of course. And yet for those that follow the likes of Neil Patel and Chase Reiner, the understanding should have come that more is needed. Quite a lot more. SEO copywriting (see for details about what is involved here) is becoming ever more critical to website success. But it absolutely has to be smooth inflow, as well as hitting the right signals to Google.

    Having seen pages jump up from almost nowhere to page 1 on Google having helped clients to get top quality content on them, I can very happily testify to the effect quality copywriting has on-site success.

    This actually blows the model of cost-benefit as indicated above out to a whole new level.

    Unless you are a professional writer it is almost impossible to generate high ranking content. Especially if you are looking to have content that converts too.

    By investing in a good copywriting service you can achieve so much more.

    Both for your own site, and for client sites too. The ROI goes way up. And that is before you even start taking into account the fewer links needed to rank pages, because the on-page SEO is dialled in to a far greater degree.

    If you are using low quality written content then be prepared to get low-quality results.

    When you desire top quality results, you absolutely have to invest in top quality content.

    Once again. Liz, thank you for putting this article out and helping people to understand the value that comes from using quality content writing services! It will help a lot more people to achieve greater success for their businesses!

    1. Liz Hawkins says:

      Thanks for the comment Stephen – glad you liked the article! I see that we’re preaching to the choir on the virtue of outsourcing content writing 🙂

      1. My pleasure Liz! Indeed we are. The SEO community and and certain businesses are slowly catching up with this line of thinking, and the immense value available. With good fortune they will pick up the pace and thus everyone, the readers and visitors to various sites especially, will soon be enjoying the benefits of that! 🙂

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