How to Set Up Highly Effective Squeeze Pages

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How to Set Up Highly Effective Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages are used to get people to opt-in to your mailing list or newsletter by giving their name and email address. Most of the time, a squeeze page is not as long as a sales letter, but they do usually contain bullet points and teaser text. And today, video often replaces a lot of the text on a squeeze page. It doesn’t matter whether you are creating a squeeze page that is text-based or video, follow these simple steps.

Most squeeze pages start with a headline and then there are one or two short paragraphs of copy. This is followed by several bullet points and an opt-in box. All of this information needs to be “above the fold.” That means the reader should not have to scroll the page in order to see all of this copy.

Many squeeze pages also contain graphics that include a header and footer. They may also contain other graphics such the e-cover for the free report that is being offered as an opt-in reward.

The first step in creating a squeeze page is to make a basic HTML page. That might sound hard, but it really is not. You can use any WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) editor and you will not need to know HTML to create the page.

Some people like to use a medium blue or a darker red as the background color for their page but you can use any color you like as long as it looks good with the graphics you will use on the page. Just be sure the background color does not distract from your message.

Next, create a table that has a white background and put all of your graphics and text inside this table. If you put the information directly on the colored background, it will be too hard to read.

In the design program, create a table that is 1 cell x 1 cell and make the background color white. Then make it about 700 to 800 pixels wide. At that size, it will look great on monitors that have good resolution and will still look okay on those monitors that are 800 pixels x 600 pixels.

Put all the rest of your squeeze page information into this table. You should include a headline, some copy, a video or bullet point and the opt-in box. You can get the code to enter in this box from your email provider. It is also a good idea to include the e-cover of your giveaway product to subscribers, if you are giving something away.

Your headline should be a teaser, one that will make your readers want to sign up for your information. For example, if you are giving away a 10-page report on fat loss, our headline might say “Do you know that fat in your middle has been shown to lead to cardiovascular disease? Read this shocking FREE report to learn why you might be exposing yourself to a great deal of pain and, possibly death, in the future!”

Then follow the headline with a very short teaser. Write one or two paragraphs of text or possibly a few bullet points that describe your free product.

Finally, go to your email provider, such as aWeber, create a list and then take the code from that list and put it into your squeeze page.

Now add the squeeze page to your website. That’s it! You’ve created a squeeze page that should start bringing in new signups for your mailing list quickly. This squeeze page can also be used as a landing page for an AdWords campaign if you do a lot of affiliate marketing.

Creating a squeeze page is really very easy, but if you like, you can outsource it for just a little money to a professional (you can read our thoughts on outsourcing here). Whether you create it yourself or pay someone else to do it, setting up effective squeeze pages will help you produce better results.

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