SEO Mistakes of eCommerce Websites You Must Avoid

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Six Costly SEO Mistakes eCommerce Website Owners Make

SEO Mistakes of eCommerce Websites You Must Avoid |

A huge section of the Internet is now devoted to commerce, and the individuals or entities who own those sites are facing cutthroat competition for the limited market share available in any given niche. That means search engine optimization is vital, to the point where making a single mistake can ruin your entire campaign. If you feel that your eCommerce website is not performing as it should, or have noticed a decrease in Google ranking for no clear reason, then this article is for you.

Here are some of the common seo mistakes eCommerce website owners make:

SEO Mistakes Infographic | SEO Mistakes of eCommerce Websites You Must Avoid

Thin or No Product Descriptions

Search engines love content, and that goes double for sites that sell products. Users ideally like content, but they do not think about it in those terms. Consider two websites, both selling you a Laptop. One just has a picture of the product, the name as well as the price while the second has a detailed description including the specifications. Which one would you use?

Little content also flags a website for a penalty under the Google’s panda algorithm. That being said, always publish a few hundred words of unique content on each page, regardless of what it contains.

Duplicate Product Descriptions

Duplicate content is bad for SEO, and that holds true for product descriptions. Here are two scenarios that often come up in eCommerce:

  1. You sell five different colored versions of a certain product and thinking that five chances to rank are better, you create individual pages for each of the product, swapping out colors.
  2. You sell products made by another company, and they have excellent descriptions on their website. You then directly copy these descriptions into your pages, thinking that they will serve adequately.

Both of these instances will attract a penalty for duplicate content. In the first case, there is no difference from page to page, and in the second case, Google sees you copying content from another source and may very well flag you as a content thief or scraper.

Duplicate Title Tags

We’ve mentioned above that copied content is an issue, but it is also worth mentioning again, specifically for meta data. Your title and description need to be unique among your pages. If you have two pages named ‘Red iPhone 7’ there is no way for the search engines to tell them apart.

Descriptions are crucial. The search engines do not judge your website based on them, but they affect user experience. The meta description is what comes up in the search results, and without it, the engine pulls the first text it comes across, which may not be helpful to the user.

No Reviews

Reviews are important for three reasons:

  1. They enable you to access ‘product review’ keywords. Numerous potential customers look for reviews before they purchase a product and so, reviews on your website will lure them.
  2. Reviews serve to flesh out your website with unique content that others can’t copy. This gives you thousands of words of valuable content.
  3. Reviews boost trust and confidence in your products as well as business. Users leave reviews when something exceptional has occurred. So, positive reviews can be a huge plus.

No Local Emphasis

If your company has a local branch, you can reap great benefits by taking advantage of local SEO. It is a balancing deed to keep your business in the narrow region of local and regional or international appeal, but if you can manage, you are well positioned to grow and expand.

No Analytics

Many business owners tend to feel that they do not need analytics. They just post all their products online, optimize them as much as they can and wait for the sales. Well, if you are one of them, then you might be missing out on a lot of traffic from potential customers who put specific search phrases but cannot find your pages even if you have applicable ones. Analytics can save a business, so keep an eye open.

These are not the only seo mistakes eCommerce website owners tend to make, but they are the most common and most costly. Avoid them, and your SEO campaign will be a success.

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